The Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.


SCKCS Winter Party 2018


Winter Party/Fun Day 18th November 2018

The day began  with a demonstration on how to groom a cavalier by Jean Ballantine, who gave tips on how to keep the coat in good condition by spending five minutes a day on grooming and areas to pay special attention to.

The result                                                                                                  Sit andStay’   

1 st Penny Hargraves with Raphie, 

2nd Penny Hargraves with Jamie, 

3rd Jim Eadie with Jake,

 4th Steven Bibby with Teddie

 Puppy Parade and  Veteran Parade, 

Always lovely to see both the very young and the senior dogs. 

The  raffle was drawn by Frank calling out the numbers 

(and keeping us entertained at the same time) 

Fun Classes were Judged by Jean Ballantine

Fancy Dress, 

1st Eileen Eddie and Jake, 

2nd Tracy Jolly and Lexie, Samson,

 3rd Margaret Turner and Charlotte,

 4th Angela Court and Bothey

The Waggiest Tail

1st Linda Bibby and Teddie,

 2nd Naiomi Dunbar and Millie, Jolly,

 3rd Penny Hargraves and Luca, Jamie,

 4th Stella McDonald and Harris

The Prettiest Eyes, 

1st Sheena Leslie and Fudge, Cara,

 2nd Susan Deans and Lottie,

 3rd Angela Bates and Candy, 

4th Naomi Dunbar and Millie, Jolly

The Best Six Legs

1st Murron McNee and Honey, 

2nd Jim Healy and Maxie,

 3rd Gerry Cameron and Daisy, 

4th Tracy Jolly and Samson

The Best Bandana,

 1st Stella McDonald and Lara, 

2nd Gerry Cameron and Daisy, 

3rd Susan Deans and Lottie,

 4th Jim Eddie and Jake

The Best Trick.

1st Tracy Jolly and Millie,

 2nd Susan Deans and Lottie,

 3rd Sheena Leslie and Cara,

 4th Murron McNee and Honey

The Longest Ears. 

1st Emily Gibson’s Orla, 

2nd Penny Hargraves Jamie, Luccaand Ralphie, 

3rd Tracey Jolly’s Millie, 

4th Stella McDonald’s Harris

The dog  the judge would most like to take home. 

 Norma Cameron’s Stacey

Thank you to everyone, who took part in making it a most enjoyable   day, also donations for raffle prizes and home baking, we could not           run these days without all your help and support, which is greatly appreciated.

Thank You