Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


Summer Show 2014 Critique

Summer Open  Show 1st June
Haddington 2014 
Judge Mr J Hindle  

I would like to thank the Committee for a lovely day. I have some quality dogs to go over, and an excellent steward.

Vet. Dog. 4. (1a).

1st. Gow, Lyncraeg Dream Angus. Shcm. Blen dog. 10 year old. Lovely head, with large eye, Well broken coat in excellent condition. Good body shape, good top line on the move.

2nd. Drennan, Blairburn Bits and Bobs of Calaten. Shcm. 8 year old Blen. Slightly heavier marked. Moved well.

3rd/ Runciman Finchlea Gattonside Lad.


1st Sloan. Turretbank Silver Salver. 8 month old Blen. Lovely rich chestnut markings. Lovely head, with flat top skull. Dark eye. Well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, well angulated hindquarters . Moved with drive.

2nd Hegarty Chantismere Cooper. Another lovely puppy, well shaped body, with a handsome head. Smaller than 1. Moved well. It was a hard decision between these puppies, but 1 won out on coat, as this puppy is in between coats.

PD. 3

1st Sloan Turretbank The Magician. Lovely Black and Tan 8 month old in excellent coat and condition. Good tan markings. Lovely dark eye, and pigment. Good shoulder placement and spring of rib. Looked good on the move.

2nd Winning Narayden Black Coffee. Another Black and Tan 11 month old. Pleasant head, and in lovely coat. Preferred the movement on 1.

3rd Blair Loranka’s Summer Moments at Bellflows

JD 3.

1st Stuart-Gibbs Tanglewood Lord of the Rings. 1 year old Blen. Well broken coat. Lovely dark eye, and good pigment. Good body shape. Excellent mover.

2nd Narayden Black Coffee

3rd Loranka’s Summber Moments.

MD. 1 (1a).

1st Bibby Butlerfield Summer Pudding. Well broken Blen 8 year old. In very good coat. Nice head, with good eye. Moved well.

ND. 2

1st Levitt. Lyncraeg Glengoyne at Kestrelflite. 20 month old Blen Dog. Lovely colour, and gleaming coat. Dark eye and good pigment. Good flat skull. Well placed shoulders, and nice short body.

2nd Butterfield Summer Pudding.

GD. 4 (1a).

1st. Gibb-Stuart. Chantismere Bush My Button, JW. Lovely blen dog in excellent coat, and well turned out. Handsome head, with dark round eyes, and good pigment. Super body shape, well angulated hind quarters, moved with drive keeping a good top line.

2nd Bacon Timbric High Flyer. Another lovely Blen with well broken coat. Good head with dark eyes and excellent pigment. Unfortunate to come up against 1 today.

3rd. Beattie Brymarden Carolina Sunset for Norcrest.

PGD. 1.

1sdt. Nichoil Maibee Garibaldi. Heavily marked Tri Colour in excellent condition. Well turned out. Handsome head, Well laid shoulders. Good top line on the move.

Special Black and Tan/Ruby PG.

1st. Sloan Turretbank Touch of Gold. Beautiful Ruby 4 year old. Rich coloured coat, in immaculate condition. Super head with excellent pigment and lovely eyes. Good length of neck. Excellent shoulders and good spring of rib. Short in loin. Moved with drive keeping a good top line. Res Dog and Reserve Best in Show.

LD. 4 (1a).

1st. Baillie Silkies Heavenly Price at Fyrnrose. Lovely Blen 3 year old dog. Beautiful head with round dark eyes, and good pigment, flat top skull and desired Blen spot, long ear fringing. Super body shape, Long neck, with excellent shoulders, good spring of rib, excellent tail set and croup. Super mover, had no hesitation in awarding him Best Dog, and Best in Show.

2nd Blairburn Bits and Bobs.

3rd Hargrave. Sandra Rockabye.

OD. 4 (1a).

1st. Spark Sharvo Grand Parade. Blen Dog 4 year old. Good deep chestnut colour. Handsome head, with dark round eye and excellent pigment. Good body shape, and excellent on the move.

2nd Rogerson Super Ted. Ruby dog 3year old. Lovely head with good pigment, another lovely shaped dog who moved well.

3rd. Blairburn Bits and Bobs.

Special Vintage. 9 (1a)

1st Mc Murray Merryoth Maeve.

10 year old Tri Bitch, in excellent coat. Beautiful head with large dark eyes, good pigment, flat skull, and well fringed ears. Good neck and shoulders, well sprung rib, and excellent angulation. Good tail set and croup, Super mover. Kept a level topline. Best Vet.

2nd Richardson Kringleholme Cheery. 12 year old Blen, again in good condition. Pretty head, with dark eyes and pigment. Good body shape, and moved well.

3rd. Glen Sandbrae Beyond the Blue.

Veteran Bitch.1st.

Richardson Kringleholme Applause. 9 year old Blen in good condition. Extremely pretty head, with lovely large eyes, and good pigment. Good neck and shoulders, and spring of rib. Excellent tail set and croup. Moved well.

Bates Blairburn Brandy Truffle of Kavenka. 7 year old well marked Blen. Pretty head, Good body shape. Moved well.

MPB. 6 (1a)

1st. Rogerson Rabymar Love Potion. Lovely Black and tan nearly 9 month old. Very pretty head with dark round eyes, and good pigment. Good neck and shoulders. Excellent spring of rib. Gleaming coat. Excellent mover. Best puppy in Show.

2nd Gibb Stuart Timbric The Look of Love. Nicely marked Blen 7 month old. Pretty head. Good neck and shoulders. Nice size. Moved well. 2 lovely puppies.

3rd. Bacon Tribric Allsorts.

PB. 4 (1a).

1st Glen Trusties Harmony Haida to Sandrae. Richly marked ruby, 11 month old. With a smooth silky coat. Lovely head, Good eye and dark pigment. Good body shape and excellent top line which she kept on the move.

2nd Rogerson Rabymar so Bewitched. Black and Tan with pretty head, in lovely coat, good neck and shoulders, and moved well. Unfortunate to meet 1.

3rd Turnbull Peakdowns Pandora.

JB 3 (1a).

1st. Glen Black Xenai V Cavino to Sandrae. Another lovely black and Tan 15 month old. In excellent condition. Lovely head, with good dark eye and pigment. Lovely size. Well shaped body. Good mover.

2nd Dodds Itsadodal Silent Witness. Blen bitch 16 month old. Well marked. Pretty head . Nice size. Moved well.

MB 3 (1a).

1st. Inglis, Kirshbaum & Vorderstrasse Bonitos Companeros Crystal. Blen bitch 14 month old well marked. Lovely size. Beautiful head, with the largest of dark eyes, and dark pigment. Flat top skull and well fringed ears. Excellent neck and shoulders. Short in loin, and well angulated hindquarters which she used to advantage on the move. Best bitch and Best Opposite sex.

2nd. White Lyncreag Leading Light at Carleny. Blen bitch 2 year old. Well marked. Pretty head with large eye. Excellent neck length and good shoulder placement. Good body shape.

NB. 1

1st. Bonitos Campaneros Crystal.

2nd. Fyrnrose Hello Dolly. Heavily marked Blen. Lovely eye and good pigment Good size. Moved well.

GB. 6 (2a)

1st. Sloan Turretbank Gold Glitter. Pleasant head with excellent pigment. Flat skull. Nice size and good body shape. Moved well.

2nd Besswick Jeilohn Lily of Patras. Well marked tri colour, in good coat. Pretty head. Nice shaped body. Moved well.

3rd. Barr Stronepoint Miss Ellie.

PGB. 6 (1a)

1st. Lovel Lovetrac Endearment. Blen bith 2 year old. Well marked. Lovely head with dark eye and good pigment. Long ear fringing. Excellent reach of neck and good body shape. Excellent topline on the move.

2nd Drennan Kinvaar Theodora of Calaten. Another well marked Blen bitch. Pretty head. Good size. Moved well.

3rd Workman Turretbank Saffron Silk.

Special Black and Tan/Ruby PGB 2

1st Turretbank Gold Gliiter

2nd Turretbank Saffron Silk.

LB. 6 (1a).

1st. Spark Sharvo Duchess of Atholl. Blen Bitch 4 year old. Very pretty head with large dark eyes and good pigment. Excellent reach of neck, good shoulder placement. Well sprung rib, and well angulated hindquarters. Moved with drive, keeping a level top line. RBB.

2nd Richardson Lorphil Matinee Kiss. 3 year old. Bitch. Dark eye and good pigment. Another well constructed bitch, just preferred the head on 1.

3rd. Kinvaar Theodora of Calaten.

OB. 5 (3a).

1st. Gow Lochbuie Terazle at Lyncraeg. 6 year old bitch in excellent coat. Lovely size. Pretty head and good dark eye and pigment. Well sprung rib, and good angulated hindquarters. Moved well.

2nd Bell Lanola Savilla. 2 year old well marked Blen. Pleasant head with good eye and pigment. Moved well.

Judge Mr. J. Hindle.