The Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.


Scottish ckcs club open show Sunday 3rd June 2018
Judge Mr  David Sedgbeer



1 Baillie's Selkies Heavenly Prince at Fyrnrose 71/2 year old blenheim of good size, nice shape with good reach of neck leading to a lovely head, moved well, showed like a real trooper

Minor Puppy(0)

Puppy (1)

1 Campbell's Kinvaar's Cloud Burst over Alvaleric 10mth old blenheim. Nice head with large dark eyes, good pigment, in good coat, the right size and shape for his age, moved soundly. Head needs to fill as he matures which I am sure it will. Really enjoyed his day B P I S

Junior (2)

1 Campbell's Toraylac Here's Hector with Alvaleric Small compact boy who needs to mature, would prefer a bigger eye good tailset and moved ok

2 Wragg's Jomaki Gospel Bill. Tri with rich black coat, nice head and moved ok


1 Baillie's Coral Valley Carter at Cavallino Nicely marked tri with masculine head large dark eyes and good pigment, a good size and shape and moved well. A bit nervous to start but got better and his tail came out A nice boy

2 Bibby's Murrens Jack 2 year old ruby with long silky coat a smaller eye than I would have liked and a little over weight, moved ok


1 Slack's Kinvaar's Jumping Jack Flash at Eversbabes 10mth old blenheim of a nice size, good topline with good reach of neck, head still needs to mature a little, slightly on the fine side for me but still very nice

2 Bibby's Murrens Jack As maiden


1 Kynaston's Gransil Vontrap Very smart b/t with a lovely head large dark eyes and good pigment, long silky black coat in great condition, good topline and good angulation which helped him move with drive, a bit hesitant to start, but got better the longer the class went on. Close to top honours

2 Slack's Willowheart Louis Good size blenhiem with a very nice head, large dark eyes, Heavily marked coat in great condition. Moved and showed well

3 Whites Carleny Diamond Button

Post Graduate(4-1)

1 Baillie's Peakdown Floyd at Cavallino Masculine headed blenheim with large dark eyes, lovely long ears matched by his profuse coat, good size and shape, good topline and tailset with good angulation, moved well

2 Byers Braemarra Taylor at Linetive Blenheim with nice head and nice dark eyes in good coat, moved well slightly longer than 1

3. Whites Carleny Sweetest Of All

Special Post Graduate B/T or Ruby(2)

1 Kynaston's Gransil Golden Nugget Good quality ruby with a lovely head large dark eyes and good pigment, nice shape and size with a rich tan coat, good angulation moved very well, another nice dog owned by this young lady. Very well presented

2 Caldwell's Kathysgirl Jaguar B/T bigger than 1 and slightly longer, not such a strong head but nice dark eyes and good pigment. Moved round the ring very nicely

Limit (5) This was the strongest class of the day

1 McMurry's Harrana Jack Jones at Merryoth My star of the day a very masculine boy but with such a gentle expression, a large dark eye good pigment. Lovely shape and size with a well marked long flowing coat, level topline, good angulation, moved with drive which completed the picture. Well deserved BD and BIS

2 Bells Christabella Picasso Another very nice dog good head with large dark eyes and good pigment good topline, slightly less coat underneath and just a fraction longer than 1 moved well RBD and RBIS

3 Braemarra Taylor at Linetive

Open (5)

1 Baillie's Peakdown Morning Magic at Cavallino Typical ckcs head large dark eyes and good pigment, nice shape and size with well broken coat, good angulation and topline, moved well. Nice dog

2 Finlay and Kirkwood's Grajenco Cortado at Marisk Lovely ruby with nice head and large dark eyes, gleaming rich tan coat in beautiful condition, slightly bigger and less animated than 1, moved very well

3 Gaskell's Jeilohn Pickles

Special Vintage (7-6)

1 Runciman Finchlea Gattonside Lad Almost 121/2 years old blenheim. Very sweet head, good size and in great coat. Moved like a youngster


Veteran (6-3)

1 Gaskell's Jeilohn Myrna 8 years old tri sweet head good eyes, nicely broken straight coat with lovely long ears, good angulation moved well

2 Scott's Lorphil Lalibertie 8 years old blenheim, nice head with large dark eyes, nice shape. Coat slightly curly and moved well

3 Barr's Stronepoint Miss Ellie

Minor Puppy(5-1)

1 Richardson's Kringlehome Mosaic blenheim 6mth old today, very pretty head with large dark eyes, the right size and shape good topline with good angulation, well broken coat moved well, nice baby

2 Gaskelll's Jeilohn Judy 7mth tri with a sweet head and large dark eyes, good angulation, very thick silky coat moved well

3 Gaskelll's Jeilohn Rosie

Puppy (4-1)

1 Ballantine's Middleshott Brooklyn 10mth old blenheim, nice head with large dark eyes, good reach of neck going into a level topline, heavily marked coat , moved well nice puppy

2 Barr's Rosabel Amber at Stronepoint 10mth old ruby, very pretty head, rich dark tan lovely shape when she finally settled, very good on the move

3 Gow's Lyncraeg Marine

Junior (4)

1 Bells Christabella Only You 16mth old tri with a lovely head large dark eyes and good pigment, good topline and angulation, heavily marked good silky coat. She was full of herself but finally settled and moved very well

2 Turner's Jorajo Queen Juno with Moniack 16mth old B/T large dark eyes good size and shape, good angulation and moved ok needs more weight

3 Jolly's Jorajo Beautiful Girl Venus

Maiden (2)

1 Turner's Jorajo Queen Juno with Moniack As Junior

2 Jolly's Jorajo Beautiful Girl Venus Ruby with large eyes showing white,head needs to fill needs more body

Novice (3)

1 and 2 As Maiden

3 Piggott's Dolly Diamond Red Ruby

Graduate (2-1)

1 Whites Carleny Northern Light B/T very pretty, just my type of head large dark eyes long silky black coat good shape and size, level topline and good angulation, moved with purpose

Post Graduate (4-1)

1 McMurry's Cinderaic Are You For Me at Merryoth Very very pretty blenheim lovely big dark eyes and pigment, good reach of neck leading to a level topline on a lovely size and shape body, good angulation ensuring good sound movement. Out of coat but her quality shone through BB

2 Bells Christabella Paloma . Mature blenheim nice head, good eyes, good topline and angulation, in good coat well broken, moved well, preferred head on 1

3 Richardson's Kringlehome Seruna

Special Post Graduate B/T or Ruby (1)

1 Gow's Grajenco Macchiato at Lyncraeg. Stood alone but a very nice ruby, lovely head with large dark eyes, lovely topline with good angulation, rich tan coat, very sound girl who moved with purpose, showed well at one with her owner RBB

Limit (3_2)

1 Scott's Tooscam Mckayla . Ultra feminine tri, very pretty, dark eyes and pigment, silky black coat, moved out with purpose, a really happy girl very nice

Open (3-2)

1 Gaskelll's Jeilohn Honeyberry. Another pretty tri, large dark eyes slightly showing white, good angulation gleaming black coat in good condition, moved well

Judge David Sedgbeer