The Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.


Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Open Show

15th February 2020

 Mrs A Bates (Kavenka)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this show. Also to thank the exhibitions for coming as Storm Dennis had arrived. My main winners were BIS Craigowl Copacabana, RBIS Granasil Golden Nugget, BPIS Peakdowns Angelica and B.V Ch Chantismere Push My Button. BIS and BPIS two very nice bitches to own, will watch how they get on with interest. 


1. Veteran (3,1a)

1, Gibb- Stuart’s Ch. Chantismere Push My Button, blen, soft gentle expression, face well filled. Soft silky coat moved well. (BV)

2, Fraser’s Tingewood Tomintoul At Fraskye, ruby, long ear leathers, happy boy moved well.

2. Minor Puppy (1, 0)

1, Cameron’s Laird Angus, blen, scissor bit, very lively and happy puppy dog.

3. Puppy (3, 0)

1, Deamer’s Loranka’s Don’t Stop Me Know At Bankshill, blen, flat skull, lozenge spot, short coupled well broken mature coat for age,good pigment moved well. (BPD+RBD)

2, Gibb- Stuart’s Tangledwood Furminator, blen, well broken, lively puppy slightly longer than 1, Long ear leathers, good pigment.

3, Cameron’s Laird Angus.

4. Junior (1.0)

1, Cameron’s Laird Angus see class 2

5. Maiden (2, 0)

1, Baillie’s Coralvalley Pure Mischief At Cavallino, blen, soft gentleexpression short coupled, well broken, good eye pigment, moved well.

2, Cameron’s Laird Angus see class 2

6. Novice (1, 0)

1, Cameron’s Laird Angus see class 2

7. Graduate (6, 0)

1, Swanston’s Pamojill Arran, b/t soft gentle expression good pigment, long ear leathers, moved well.

2, Slack’s Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash At Everbabes, blen, good head soft gentle expression, short coupled moved well.

3, Byer’s Bonniemadra Ricochet to Linetive

4, Bibby’s Murrers Jock

8. Post Graduate (3, 0)

1, Fraser’s Lewis’s Leonardo At Fraskye, B/T, flat skull, moved well, tan in correct places, happy boy

2, Slack’s Willowheart Louis, blen, short coupled flat skull,

3, Cameron’s Laird Angus

9. Special Post Graduate (Black/ Tan or Ruby) (5, 0)

1, Baillie’s Marisk Greatest Showman At Cavallino, ruby short coupled moved well

2, Fraser’s, Tingewood Tam O’Shanter, ruby, short coupled flat skull, moved well

3, Caldwell’s Kathysgirls Jaguar

4, Bibby’s Murrers Jock

10. Limit (3, 0)

1, Kynaston’s Granasil Golden Nugget, ruby, short coupled, long ear leathers, flat skull, moved well with drive. (BD and RBIS)

2, White’s Carleny Diamond Button, blen well broken, good pigment

3, Cameron’s, Laird Angus

11. Open (6, 1)

1, Bell’s Christabella Picasso ShCm, blen well broken, moved with drive, long ear leathers

2, Kynaston’s Granasil Vontrap JW ShCm, b/t short coupled long ear leathers moved well.

3, Byer’s Braemarra Taylor At Linetive

4, Hargrave’s Carleny I Dreamed A Dream

12. Special Vintage D or B (6, 1)

1, Turnbull’s, Peakdowns Pennylayne, blen bitch, short coupled, moved with drive long ear leathers.

2, Scott’s, Llorphill Lalibertie, blen bitch, long ear leathers, moved well

3, Glen’s Sandbrae Serenade In Blue

4, Fraser’s Costara Ruadh At Lyncraeg


13. Veteran (2, 0)

1, Scott’s Toscam McKayla, tri, long ear leathers moved with drive, level top line.

2, White’s, Cavallino Buttons, blen short coupled, long ear leather, moved well.

14 Minor Puppy (1, 0)

1, Turnbull’s Peakdowns Angelica, blen 6 months old. Short coupled sweet expression. Moved well. BPIS

15. Puppy (0)

16. Junior (2, 0)

1, Gow’s Lyncgraey Black Pearl, B/T long ear leathers, tan in all the correct places, moved well.

2, Cameron’s Cameroncaus Lady Eloise, B/T small compact, short coupled, needs to build confidence.

17. Maiden (3, 1)

1, Inglis’s Craigowl Copacabana well broken blen, compact, short coupled, sweet expression, moved with drive one I could have taken home. BIS

2, Water’s Sirahdisis Red Velvet At Osage, ruby puppy of 9 months old, moved well, head still to fill.

18. Novice (2, 1)

1, see 2nd in class 17

19 Graduate (4, 3)

1, Gaskell’s Jeilohn Rosie, blen, well broken, long ear leathers, moved well

21. Post Graduate (3, 2)

1, Gaskell’s Jeilohn Judy, tri, long ear leather moved well level top line.

21. Special post graduate (Black/ Tan/ Ruby) (4, 2)

1 Gow’s Grajenco Macchiato At Lyncraeg ruby, short coupled, happy girl, moved well

2, White’s Carleny Northern Light, b/t short coupled, tan in correct places. Moved well

22. Limit (4, 2)

1 Turnbull’s Peakdowns Mystic. Blen, long ear leathers, short coupled, moved well.

2, White’s Carleny Northern light see 2nd in class 21.

23. Open (4, 2)

1, Bell’s Christabella Paloma, blen, short coupled, long ear leathers level top line, moved well,

2, Gaskell’s Jeilohn Honeyberry, Tri slightly longer than 1, long ear leathers, moved well.

 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Open Show (Special Awards)

15th Scottish February 2020

                                                         Judge: Louise Greenhalgh (Lacervali)

                                                                                     Breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge the special awards classes at their show. I really appreciated your support and hospitality on the day, particularly after that long drive in very heavy weather, but my welcome from the committee and the exhibitors was warm and friendly.

Thank you to the exhibitors who entered the special awards classes for my opinion and accepted my decisions with good grace. I was pleased with the quality present and that there were no issues with temperaments. Thank you also to my lovely steward who kept us all running smoothly and without them volunteering their time, shows would just not function - much appreciated!

SACJ - Junior 4(0) Entries

  1. Inglis’s Craigowl Copacabana, a 15th month old blenheim bitch of the correct size typical for the breed, her head and eyes oozed that endearing charm that our lovely breed captivates us with. She is maturing lovely and was very attentive to her handler. Sufficient forequarters and good rear angulation providing the reach and drive to allow her to move freely and soundly. Solid topline both on the move and at rest.
  2. Gow’s Lyncraeg Black Pearl, 13 month old black and tan bitch, a beautiful head on an exquisite neck and superb shoulder placement. Her movement was as expected with such correct angulations and there were no issues with topline. She had the most beautiful personality but on the day she was pipped to the post by the winner in a close run class.

SACPG - Post Graduate 6 (2) Entries

  1. White’s Carleny Northern Light, another beautiful black and tan bitch of the correct size. She had an ideal head and muzzle outline with dark pigmentation in and around the eyes. Level topline throughout and her movement was the best in this class, her tailset was a little low but on balance overall she is a very nice dog that oozes quality. I really liked her expression and cheerful personality.
  2. Slack’s Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash at Eversbabes - 2 year old Blenheim dog that I have judged previously, he has a nice head and eyes to give that soulful expression we know and love and he also had the most lovely temperament to go with it. He moved better today than the last time I judged him and it is evident his owner is working hard on handling him in a sympathetic way to get the most from him.

SACO - Open 8(3) Entries

  1. Kynaston’s Granasil Golden Nugget - 5 year old masculine looking ruby dog. Nice head, almost flat between the ear with nice ear placement. Eyes dark and round to give a wondrous expression. He knew his job and he did it with style, moving both round and away with reach and drive whilst maintaining a level topline. Nice angulation fore and rear covered with a nice rich ruby coat which was well presented.

  2. Slack’s Willowheart Louis - 4 year old male, another I have judged previously. I really enjoyed his most beautiful face and expression the last time I saw him and today was no different. Moving well today but just a little too proud of his tail but other than that he was well presented and sympathetically handled and just unlucky to meet the winner in this class.