Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

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Spring Show Crits.





Best In Show, McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth.

Res Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex, Sidgwick’s Salegreen Peony for Paulian.

Best Puppy in Show Kerr’s Loves Young Dream Canis Satelles (Imp Pol).

Best Veteran in Show Gow’s Paulian Kittihawk

Judge's Critique Mr G Kirkwood

  I would like to thank the Committee for the invitation to Judge the Club’s 60th Anniversary Open Show, I would also like to thank my Stewards Brian and Estelle who did an excellent job. I enjoyed the day immensely. I would like to thank all the exhibitors who entered under me and showed on the day and the sporting way everyone accepted their placings.


Veteran. (3) 

1. Baillie’s Selkies Heavenly Prince at Fyrnrose JW, a very sound moving 8 yr old Blenheim. Masculine head with lovely eyes, pleasing in front and hind angulation, lovely body shape and well off for bone and substance, shown in good coat.

2. Fraser’s Tingewood Tomintoul  A 9 year old ruby who definitely enjoys showing, not as settled as 1 on the move, but overall good make and shape, pleasing head and expression.

3. Anderson’s Finchlea Rantin Rovin Robin at Glenlora.

Minor Puppy. (2)

1. Baillie’s Coralvalley Pure Mischief. A very confident nearly 9 month old Blenheim, lovely head, well placed ears, just the correct amount of bone, lovely body shape, moved with confidence around the ring.

2. Byers Bonniemadra Ricochet to Linetive. Just 6 months old, this lovely Tri gave away a lot to 1. Not as confident as 1, but all the essentials are there. Lovely body shape, correct front and hind angulation, coat is coming along nicely.

Puppy(2. 1abs) 

1. Kerr’s Loves Young Dream Canis Satelles (Imp Pol). A very eyecatching 8 month old Blenheim dog. He is heavily marked but this didn’t distract from his overall quality. He is very soundly constructed. Good ribcage and depth of chest for his age, moved confidently around the ring. Head is masculine but just right for his age. Shown in excellent condition and muscle tone. Will watch his future with interest. Best Puppy in Show.

Maiden. (2) 

1. Hargrave’s Carleny Golden Button. Nice sized Blenheim. Masculine head with dark eyes, pleasing dog all round, standing and on the move presents a balanced picture

2. Bibby’s Murrens Jock. A ruby with good overall balance. Masculine in head and dark eye, shown in good coat and condition, very unsettled today.

Novice. (2) 

1. Murrens Jock. (see Maiden)

2. Hargrave’s Carleny I Dreamed A Dream. A nicely balanced Tri that was very unsettled today, and was hard to assess on the move.

Grad. (1) 

1. Campbell’s Kinvaar Cloud Burst Over Avaleric. Your eye is drawn to this 19 month Blenheim dog when he enters the ring. Love his type and overall make and shape Masculine head with correct ear set, lovely large dark eyes, elegant neck, correct shoulders. Moved with drive around the ring, just has a tendency to carry his tail on the high side but his overall quality took him to Reserve Best Dog.

Post Grad. (4. 1abs) 

1. White’s Carleny Diamond Button. A very sound moving Blenheim. Masculine in head, pleasing in front and hind angulation, good overall body shape. Not in the best of coats at present.

2.Campbell’s Toraylac Here’s Hector with Avaleric. Liked the size and shape to this Blenheim with good ribcage and depth of chest, shorter in muzzle to 1, and didn’t moved as well. Well presented.

3.Slack’s Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash at Everbabes.

Special Post Grad (B/T or Ruby). (3) 

1. Holland’s Bonniemadra Baptism of Fire. A lot to like about this soundly made ruby. Good balanced outline, lovely soft silky coat and of a good colour, masculine head with good pigmentation. Moved out well around the ring. When back into full coat should look really good.

2.Fraser’s Lewis’s Leonardo . Masculine headed black and tan with soft expression. Good ribcage and depth of chest, level topline, ex front and hind angulation giving a balanced picture. Not as settled as 1 on the move today.

3.Caldwell’s Kathysgirls Jaguar.

Limit. (4) 

1. Byers Braemarra Taylor at Linetive. A very nicely coated Blenheim dog very soundly made and is balanced throughout. Lovely masculine head with lovely large dark eyes, ex pigmentation. Excellent front and hind angulation. This dog comes into his own on the move where he really covers the ground.

2. Fraser’s Tingewood Tam O’Shanter . Masculine headed ruby I liked a lot but couldn’t match 1 on the move. Like his overall make and shape. Coat of good colour and well presented

3. Baillie’s Peakdowns Morning Magic at Cavallino.

Open. (5.1abs) 

1. McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth. I have long admired this Benheim dog from the ringside and I found him a pleasure to go over. Beautiful masculine head with large dark eyes giving the true cavalier expression we look for in the breed and missing in so many today. Excellent neck, shoulders and bone. Good depth of chest and ribcage, firm topline and tailset. Shown in super coat and condition. Very much on his toes today and at times had other things on his mind. His overall type and soundness took top honours today. Best Dog and BIS.

2. Bell’s Chistabella Picasso, well balanced upstanding dog lovely head and expression, lovely dark eyes, excellent pigmentation. Coat in excellent condition. Good bone and substance. Close up to 1 but preferred the overall style of 1.

3.Baillie’s Peakdown Floyd at Cavallino.

Special Vintage Dog or Bitch. (6.1abs)

A nice class of golden oldies. 1. Gow’s Paulian Kittihawk, really fell for this 11year old Tri and he was very close up for top honours today. Attractive masculine head, dark round eyes, giving a soft gentle expression. Long ear fringes framing his head. Well balanced body with level topline. Shown in splendid coat and condition. Best Veteran in Show.

2.Turnbull’s Peakdowns Penny Lane, a lovely 12 year old bitch. Doesn’t look her age. Pretty head and still has the soft gentle expression, lovely body shape, moved steadily and soundly around the ring.

3.Glen’s Sandbrae Bolt from The Blue (Re Import).


Veteran. (2)

1. Gow’s Lochbuie Teazle at Lyncraeg. A lovely Blenheim bitch shown in super coat and condition. She can certainly show some of the younger ones how to move. Lovely head with the soft gentle expression, excellent body shape, level topline and correct tailset. Lovely picture standing which she holds on the move.

2. Bell’s Lanola Savilla of Christabella. Another very nice Blenheim. Pretty expression, lovely eyes, good pigment, pleasing neck, shoulder and body shape. Coudn’t match 1 on the move today.

Minor Puppy. (5.2abs) 

1. Holland’s Bonniemadra Guns and Roses. A very smart 6 month Blenheim baby. I liked her size and balance. Lovely eyes and expression, excellent body and ribcage for age. When she settled down, moved smartly and soundly. Should have a bright future.

2. Turnbull’s Peakdown Connie. Another very nice 6 month old Blenheim. Good for size and balance, pleasing in head and soft expression. Very close up to 1.

3. Piggot’s Bankshill Nessie.

Puppy. (4.1abs)

1. Gibb-Stuart’s Over the Moon De Los Ursidos Kodiak (Imp Esp). Loved this 10 month Blenheim. Such a pretty head and lovely large dark eyes. Ears correctly set, excellent neck and shoulders. Good bone, well made body and tailset . Coat is well broken and silky texture. Moved steadily and with confidence. She should have a promising future. Best Bitch Puppy.

2.Linton’s Thekop’s Cinderella. Well made B/T up to size but with good overall make and shape. Good topline but was over shadowed today by 1.

3. Bankshill Nessie.

Junior. (5.1abs) 

Two very nice bitches. 1. Gibb-Stuart’s Tangled Star of The Show. Another very nice blenheim from this kennel. Very well balanced, lovely feminine head with lovely dark eyes. Super body shape and size, coat in lovely condition. Moved well around the ring

2.Gow’s Lycraeg Marnie. Close up to 1. Again a very sound bitch from this exhibitor. Pretty head, dark eyes, lovely body shape which she holds on the move.

3.Piggot’s Bankshill Wild Rose.

Maiden. (4.1abs)

1. Dean’s Harana Donna Summer. A very pretty ruby. Feminine head, lovely dark eyes. Like her make and shape. Won today on her sound movement. Shown in lovely coat and condition.

2.Bankshill Wild Rose. A very immature 13 month Blenheim who will need bags of time to mature and come together. The essentials are all there. Pleasing head and expression, dark eyes. Moved ok around the ring

3.Jolly’s Jorajo Beautiful Girl Venus.

Novice. (5.1abs)

1. Harana Donna Summer. (see maiden)

2.Bankshill Wild Rose. (see maiden)

3.Jorajo Beautiful Girl Venus.

Graduate. (5.1abs) 

1. Kerr ’s Kinvaar Talia. Quality Tri. Lovely head and expression. Super body shape, dead level topline, ex front and rear angulation giving an overall balanced picture. Coat was shown in excellent condition.

2.Harana Donna Summer. (see maiden)

3.Jorajo Beautiful Girl Venus.

Post Grad. (4.1abs) 

1. Gow’s Coralvalley Charm at Lyncraeg. Another quality exhibit from this exhibitor. Very well balanced Blenheim. Lovely head and eyes providing excellent expression. Good bone and substance. Level topline and depth of chest. Well set tail and good hind quarters, moved well both ways.

2.Bell’s Christabella Only You. Heavily coated and marked Tri. Very nice head and expression. Well off for bone. Excellent body shape. Couldn’t match 1 today on the move.

3.Anderson’s Kinvaar Mona Lisa at Glenlora.

Special Post Grad (B/T or Ruby). (3.1abs) 

1. Harana Donna Summer. (see maiden)

2.Thekop’s Cinderella. (see puppy)

Limit. (2.1abs) 

1. McMurray’s Cinderaic Are You For Me at Merryoth. A very showy Blenheim bitch with lots of style. Lovely head with large dark expressive eyes. Excellent reach of neck into correctly placed shoulders. Excellent topline and tailset. Short coupled, good hind angulation, at one with handler at all times. Close up for Best Bitch. Res Best Bitch.

Open. (4.1abs) 

1. Sidgwick’s Salegreen Peony for Paulian. A blenheim bitch I have judged before. I liked her then and still do. She was very much on form today and didn’t put a foot wrong. Like her size and balance, pretty head with large dark eyes, scores in neck and shoulders. Lovely to go over on the table and didn’t disappoint on the floor. Excellent topline and tailset. Very good mover both ways. Pulled out the stops in the Challenge to take Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.

2.White’s Cavallino Buttons. Overshadowed by 1 nonetheless a very nice soundly made bitch. Her sound construction shows in her movement. Pleasing in head and lovely eyes.

3. Glen’s Black Xenia V Cavino to Sandbrae (Imp NLD).

Special Award Classes

Judge – Mrs Kelly Lee (Kelrick)

I would like to thank the committee of the Scottish CKCS Club for inviting me to judge the special award classes at their prestigious 60th anniversary show, my steward Brian who organised the ring efficiently for me and the exhibitors for their attendance and sporting attitudes. I had some lovely dogs to go over and the day was thoroughly enjoyable. The Scottish certainly know how to run a show well and their hospitality is fantastic. I was thrilled to receive a goody bag at the end which included a handmade keepsake which I will cherish always.

Special Award Class – Junior (6,1)

1. Gibb-Stuart’s Tangledwood Star of the Show. 12 month old Blenheim bitch presented in immaculate condition with rich chestnut markings on a pearly white background. Large, expressive dark eyes, correct dentition, well set ears, and face well filled beneath the eyes, giving the desired melting expression. Good angulation, well balanced. Moved with good reach and drive holding a level topline at all times.

2. Baillie’s Coralvalley Pure Mischief. 8 month old Blenheim bitch. Lovely outgoing personality. Beautifully presented with enough silky coat. Well marked with good pigment, correct dentition, good earset. Nice shape overall and well balanced with good turn of stifle. Moved well when settled.

Special Award Class – Post Graduate (5)

1. Fraser’s Tingewood Tam O’Shanter at Fraskye. 2 year old ruby dog. Well presented with plenty of rich red silky coat. Attractive masculine head with lovely dark round eyes, correct dentition, well set ears and good pigmentation. Well laid shoulders and good spring of rib. Happy disposition. Moved well both ways.

2. Anderson’s Kinvaar Mona Lisa at Glenlora. 3 year old Blenheim bitch. Presented well with plenty of silky well marked coat. Lovely happy temperament, nice size and shape. Sweet head with dark eyes, correct dentition, well set ears. Correct angulation and moved well holding her topline on the move.

Special Award Class – Open (7,2)

1. McMurray’s Cinderaic Are You for Me at Merryoth. 3 year old Blenheim bitch. Immaculately presented with plenty of coat and well broken markings. Lovely feminine head with round dark expressive eyes, good pigmentation, correct dentition, well feathered ears and the desired soft melting expression. Nice shape, good reach of neck, compact with good angulation and tailset. Moved gracefully with reach and drive covering the ring with ease. Very attentive to handler and a happy, friendly disposition.

2. Sidgwick’s Salegreen Peony for Paulian JW. 2 year old Blenheim bitch. Presented in immaculate condition with lots of silky coat with well broken markings. Beautiful head with large, round, dark eyes and good pigmentation. Correct dentition, good earset, good cushioning and the desired melting expression. Good angulation and well balanced. Moved well both ways. Another fantastic bitch.