Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


Spring Show Critique 2014

 Scottish Cavalier KCSC Open Show -15/2/14

Judge Mrs W Morrison

I would like to thank the Scottish club committee for inviting me to judge their spring open show and to the exhibitors for bringing their charges under me particularly at this time of year and with the varying inclement weather we are at present getting in the UK.

I would like to thank my excellent steward Terry Bickerton for his help and assistance throughout the day.

The breed is a delight with all having lovely outgoing temperaments. Size in the majority was uniform, all exhibits were put down in immaculate condition. Points that need addressed are mouths, the undershot problem should be being minimised through careful breeding, fronts were in the majority good but rear action in some exhibits left a lot to be desired, tail set is also important as if it is incorrectly set it will have resultant poor carriage that can waste the look of an otherwise tidy exhibit. I was very pleased with my dog line up and with my top winners of both sexes.

VD 4(3) 1ST Gows Lyncraeg Dream Angus Sh cm 9 years young Blenheim, he has a lovely masculine shaped head, well cushioned muzzle, very expressive eyes, he has sufficient neck length, is very good in front and rear assemblies, moves true, is balanced in profile and gives his all to his handler.

MPD 4(1) 1ST Winnings Narayden Black Coffee, lovely 7 month old B/T, has a head to die for, lovely muzzle length, is very compact, good spring of rib, tidy front and rear assemblies, at times was a little unsettled but did more than enough to win this class, squeaky clean presentation.

2nd Gibb-Stuarts Tangledwood Lord of the Rings, B/T with a good head, length of neck , bone, spring of rib ,coat condition, OK in rear but fails in front assembly , well presented.

3rd Weddells Willowheart Little Lovie.

PD 4 Ist Inglis Bonitas Companeros Great Blue Yonderat Craigowl, 9 months old Blenheim and what a cracker, delightful expression via large round eyes, almost flat skull, high set ears, good dentition, lovely arched neck and lay of shoulder, parallel front, well ribbed body, neat angulated rear, beautifully marked and coloured coat, sound from all angles, moves out effortlessly and soundly, put down and handled to perfection, one that will go on to better things RBD and BPIS.

2nd Baillies Peakdown Skyfall at Cavallino another Blenheim who was not disgraced with his second here as he is a very honest exhibit who shows well, just lacked the charisma of the 1st.

3rd Narayden Black Coffee.

JD 4 (1) 1st Baillies Peakdown Ryan at Cavallino, Blenheim boy who is of a lovely size, good head properties, very compact, well coated, tidy in front and rear action, well presented.

2nd Beatties Brymarden Carolina Sunset of Norcrest, a Blenheim of a larger mould, liked his head, expression, arched neck, good body shape, tidy front and rear assemblies, close up to winner.

3rd Campbells Cavilera Charming Charlie.

MD No Entries

ND 1 Brymarden Carolina Sunset for Norcrest.

GD 6 (2) Pleasing class

1st Gibb- Stuarts Chantismere Push My Button JW, scores in head properties, good neck length, spring of rib, well angulated rear, was well put down, has a well marked coat of good texture and length, at times he is a little erratic in front action, overall deserved his win here.

2nd Gaskells Jeilohn Andrew, I felt he was similar in make and shape to the first, he is an honest exhibit that has a number of good attributes, could do with a little more oomph, he was well put down.

3rd Kynastons Narayden Fankel

PGD 5(2) Loved 1 & 2 here

1st Baillies Peakdown Macawber at Cavallino, lovely well made dog who scores in size, compactness, balance, strong construction and showmanship, he got better and better and for me typified a well made, well balanced male who was giving his all, he is very sound and was well handled with him responding to perfection to pip the second here and the PD winner to go BD and later BIS.

2ND Halberts Izzharree Perfect Eclipse, close up to winner, lovely sound Blenheim, very well put together and sound, well put down, loved his here I am attitude, brought in later for RBD just lost out to an in form quality puppy male, he was not disgraced here, well presented and handle throughout.

3rd Frasers Costara Rufus.

Spec. Whole colour PGD 3

1ST Gibb- Stuarts B/T Tangledwood Clan Chief , all male boy, good head and expression, lovely coat of good texture and length, he has good front and rear assemblies, is perhaps a little long cast but covers the ground well.

2nd Frasers Tingewood Tomintoul, ruby of a more compact mould, was well presented and handled, just does not have the scope of the first in movement.

3rd Narayden Fankel.

LD 4(1)

1st Drennans Blairburn Bits N Bobs of Calaten Sh cm, a favourite of mine, Blenheim boy of nearly seven , I liked his head properties, make shape and balance, when he moves out he scored in rear drive, front pick up and extension, he can be a handful but was settled enough here for me to pick up on his attributes.

2nd Frasers Costara Rauadh at Lyncraeg , ruby male who can also move out well, I liked his head shape, expression, body condition, a balanced dog that did everything asked of him, well handled throughout.

3rd Kynaston Dontonmela Rustic Rowland.

OD 7(2)

1st Baillies Selkies Heavenly Prince at Fyrnrose, very stylish and compact Blenheim, scores in head, make, shape and showmanship, he has a lovely coat of excellent texture and colour, he is very balanced, covers the ground with ease, was well put down and gives his all to his handler.

2nd Blairburn Bits N Bobs of Calaten.

3RD Gaskells Jeilohn Coinneach

Special Vintage D/B 7 (2) lovely class of golden oldies headed by 1st Glens Sandbrae Beyond the Blue, B/T of 10 years, very feminine, very compact and very well balanced, her coat was gleaming, she was in super condition and moved out happily and effortlessly, a joy to see her showing her heart out.

2nd Gows Rothes Silver Belle at Lyncraeg, bleheim of 11 years , again giving her all, tidy in head, expression, body properties, coat, construction and condition, just a shade longer cast than 1st , another that is a credit to her owner.

3rd Whites Lyncraeg Hello Dolly at Carleny, the oldest veteran on show at 14 years and again a credit to her owner.

VB 1

Ist McMurrays Merryoth Maeve nearly ten year old tri, who has a lovely head and expression, is good for size, make, shape and balance, nicely marked, well put down, worthy winner, later for BV just not as animated as some other oldies, again a credit to her owner.

MPB 3(2)

1ST Glens Trusties Harmony Haida to Sandbrae (Imp NLD), thank goodness she is more compact than her name, lovely ruby baby, ultra feminine, good colour, large round expressive eyes, good dentition, ideal make and shape, showed her heart out, one I could have taken home, just needs to mature on, well handled.

PB 3

1st Inglis Kirschbaum and Vorderstrasse Bonitas Companeros Crystal, delightful feminine Blenheim, beautiful head properties, ideal neck length, body shape, topline and size, excellent coat colour, tidy precise movement, well handled to BPB and only beaten for BPIS by her kennelmate male who is more mature at present, another like him that will go on to better things.

2nd Halberts Izzharree Prima Donna, tidy Blenheim, honest, happy and of nice size, well putdown , just not as positive or together at present as crystal.

3rd Glens Black Xenia Cavino to Sandbrae.

JB 3 (1)

1ST Baillies Fyrnrose Hello Dolly

2nd Whites Lyncraeg Leading Lady at Carleny

Both Benheims, one heavily marked the other well broken, one heavy set, one finer, both moved out OK the heavier marked and set exhibit just being more together on the move , hence the placings.

MB – Absent

NB 2(1)

1ST Whites Cavileras Storm in a Teacup, very sweet tri girl, expressive eyes, nice blaze, good coat markings, liked her size, moved steadily, well handled, deserved her win.

GB 8 (5) disappointed with absentees here

Ist Whites Cavallino Buttons, very feminine, well size and marked Blenheim, loved her head shape, expression, make and shape, good to go over, moved truly and happily, a feminine honest exhibit.

2nd Gibb- Stuarts Adorledge Priceless at Tangledwood, ruby of the larger mould, is good in head, body, bone and condition, moved out steadily, for me just not as balanced as the winner.

3rd Weddells Jeilohn Heather.

PGB 4(2)

1ST Workmans Turretbank Saffron Silk, this ruby is now four and today was in super condition, she is owned by who I would term the grand elderly lady of the Scottish club now in her ninetieth plus year, this bitch has lost weight and what a difference that makes, she scores in overall balance, has a delightful head shape, quality expression, arched neck, terrific level topline, good bone, ideal spring of rib, very good front and rear assemblies, showed non - stop here and later to go BB and RBIS. One I would love to own.

2nd Drennans Kinvaar Theodora of Calaten, very feminine nice headed Blenheim, good coat markings, good neck, body properties and size, just not as mature or as positive on the move as the first, well presented.

Special Wholecolour PGB 4(2)

1ST Turretbank Saffron Silk

2nd Alderledge Priceless at Tangled wood.

LB 8(6) a class mutilated by absentees

1st Gaskells Jeilohn Myrna, this is a very tidy and feminine tri who has a good head shape, lovely set and length of ear, has a sweet expression , is well marked with all the colours in the right places, she has a good profile shape. Is balanced, moves out positively, was attentive to her handler, very well presented.

2nd Kinvaar Theodora of Calaten.

OB 6(1) very good class

1ST Baillies Fyrnrose Mrs Tiggy Winkle JW, very feminine well sized and made exhibit, loved her head, expression, pigment, body shape, front and rear assemblies and showmanship, moved well and had to put all on to edge this well contested class, later she continued to give her all to go RBB in good company.

2nd Gows Lochbuie Teazle at Lyncraeg, very neat, ultra feminine girl, who had many of the attributes of the first, basically I was splitting hairs here and on another day 1 and 2 could change places, as with first she was superbly presented and handled.

3rd McMurrays Cinderlace Primrose at Merryoth, another I liked a lot, very much in contention.

Judge Wilma Morrison, February 16/2/14.