Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


Spring Show Crit. 2016

Spring Show 2016 

May I firstly sincerely thank Liz Smith and her Committee for their kind invitation to judge their Spring Open Show at this memorable venue and for their excellent hospitality. My warm appreciation also goes to Liz Cochrane, my steward for her able assistance and guidance throughout the day. Moreover, I would like to express my gratitude to all exhibitors for their entries and the sporting manner in which my placing so were taken which contributed to a most enjoyable day for all. 

Veteran Dog(2,0) 
1. Fraser's Costara Ruadh At Lyncraeg, 7 year old Ruby dog in excellent coat and general condition. Most pleasing head and expression, dark eye  and well feathered ears. Well balanced on the move holding a level top-line. 
2. Bibby's Butlerfield Summer Pudding, a Blenheim dog approaching 8  years old. Good dark eye with full head and coat. Not overly settled  on the move until a sausage made the whole day worthwhile. 

MP Dog(3,1) 
1. Waddington's. Spindlepoint President, very promising 8 month Blenheim  dog who though a handful on the table more than made up for it on the  floor. Very endearing head, dark eye, excellent reach of neck and well  laid shoulder. Moderately heavily marked, a very spritely mover of  great balance and level to watch. 
2. Caldwell and McCartney's Kathysgirls Jaguar, 8 month old Black and  Tan boy up to size for his age. Appealing dark eye and a most  mischievous expression with well feathered ears. Moved out well and if  his constantly wagging tail was anything to go by he was certainly  enjoying his day out. 

Puppy Dog(6,1) 
1. Inglis' Craigowl Out Of Touch, a very eye-catching 11 month old well  broken Blenheim dog. Most attractive head with appealing soft 
expression, dark eye and well set on feathered ears. Good reach of  neck, stood four square presenting a balanced outline and maturity  beyond his tender age. Glided elegantly around the ring with ease  holding a level top-line. Delighted to present him BPIS and BPD. 
2. Baillie's Peakdowns Morning Magic At Cavallino, a 9 month Blenhein  dog of some potential. Boast a sweet expression and dark eye. With  nicely arched neck. Very attractive markings and displayed a good  balance on the move. 
3. White's Carleny Sweetest Of All. 

Junior Dog(4,1) 
1. Halbert's Izzharee Starman, a very striking 13 month old Blenheim dog  in fine condition. Most attractive masculine head, dark round eye,  gentle expression and long well feathered ears. Presented a well broken  richly marked coat, well angulated outline and good tail set and level  top-line. All the above and his free flowing movement earned him RBIS 
and RBD. 
2. Gaskell's Jeilohn Pickles, a 17 month old Tricolour dog of handsome  head, dark eye and very long well feathered ears. Very attentive to  his handler with good outline and tailset, maintaining a level top-line  on the move and at rest. 
3. Bell's Christabella Picasso. 

Maiden Dog(4,0) 
1. Inglis' Craigowl Out Of Reach, similar to his litter brother who won  MPD an equally most attractive 11 month quality Blenheim dog. You are  drawn in by his sweet expression and dark eye. Very nicely arched neck  flowing into a more compact body shape and spirit level top-line. Moved  very well and it will be interesting to watch how these two boys develop 
and no doubt challenge each other along the way. 
2.Baillie's Peakdown Floyd At Cavallino, a 16 month old up to size  Blenheim dog of masculine head and dark eye. Nicely broken rich  chestnut markings and well balanced on the move. 
3. McMurray's Harana Jack Jones. 

Novice Dog(5,2) 
1. McMurray's Harana Jack Jones, 11 month old appealing Blenheim boy of  soft expression dark eye and correctly set ears. In profile you see a  delightful reach of neck, level top-line and eye catching markings.  Moved well, but is however at that "leggy" stage of his development and 
with time all should fall into place. 
2. Campbell's Cavilera Charming Charlie, a well groomed 3 year old  Blenheim dog with attractive broken markings of masculine head, level  top-line, well set expressive tail and moved out well. 
3. Fraser's Tingewood Tomintoul. 

Graduate Dog(3,0) 
1. Blair's Bellflows Gentle Little Man, 23 month old fairly heavily  marked Blenheim dog. Pleasing head with melting expression and dark  eye. Of moderate chest and well laid shoulders with good reach of neck.  Very graceful on the move. 
2. Campbell's Cavilera Dot Dot Dash, A 3 year old quite solidly marked  Tricolour dog certainly enjoying the attention. Very expressive  masculine head with dark eye and well set on feathered ears. Nicely  arched neck, level top-line and a good tailset that was working  overtime. 
3. Fraser 's Tingewood Tomintoul. 

Post Graduate Dog(5,2) 
1. Baillie's Peakdown Skyfall At Cavallino, a very richly marked 2 year  old Blenheim dog boasting the most gorgeous of chestnut colouring. A  soft expression, dark eyes and impressively arched neck. A very well  balanced exhibit of level top-line who moved with drive around the ring. 
2. Timbers' Leskarpru Thisbe Cherry JW, though a bit heavier marked yet  another Blenheim with a lovely chestnut colouring. A 2 year old dog with  a gentle expression, dark eye and well feathered long ears. Of moderate  bone and a very happy attentive showman who moved out well both ways. 
3. Beattie's Brymarden Carolina Sunset For Norcrest. 

Special PG Black/Tan/Ruby(6,2) 
1. Gibb-Stuart's Tangledwood Chase The Ace, a 2 year old Ruby dog  boasting a very lmpressive richly coloured and full coat. A very sweet  head of dark eye and delightful reach of neck. short coupled compact  shape who kept a level top-line at rest and though moved hesitantly at  first got into the swing. 
2. Swanston's Downsbank Jalopena Of Pamojill, a 3 year old up to size  Ruby dog. Of full head, dark eye and level top-line. Moved well. 
3. Fraser's TIngewood Tomintoul. 

Limit Dog(3,2) 
1. Beattie's Brymarden Carolina Sunset for Norcrest, a 3 year old  Blenheim dog of good head, dark eye and long feathered ears. Up to size  but in good coat, level top-line and good tailset...Sound movement. 

Open Dog(4,1) 
1. Gibb- Stuart Chantismere Push My Button JW, I previously judged this  most impressive boy as a puppy and described him as "very promising". 
He has certainly not disappointed and developed into a very well  balanced showman out of the top drawer. You are immediately struck by  his well broken markings with its rich chestnut colouring and attracted  to his masculine head and dark eyes creating a most soft melting  expression. Add to this his delightful arched neck, good spring of rib  and correct tailset. His spirit level top-line was on display as he moved elegantly around the ring with drive. Was delighted to award him Best Dog and ultimately BIS.
2. Baillie's Peakdown Ryan At Cavallino, a 3 year old well broken  Blenheim dog with a very handsome head, appealing expression and dark  eye. Displayed a good reach of neck, a level top-line and well  balanced outline. His coat was in excellent condition and he moved  well. 
3. Swanston's Downsbank Jalopena of Pamojill. 

Special Vintage Dog or Bitch(11,5) 
1. Gow`s Lyncraeg Hosanna, If asked to guess the age of this fine Blenheim  Dame I would most certainly have got it wrong. At 11 years young this fine  bitch has lost none of her show sparkle. A gorgeous feminine head with  lovely dark eyes, a splendid reach of neck and level topline. Her well groomed heavily  marked coat and four square outline were fit to rival many others on the day.  Moved well with youthful drive and as I heard her handler say to her "you have still  got it..." she certainly has. 
2.Anderson`s Lybcraeg Genevieve of Glenlora, this lovely 13 year old Tricolour stole  my heart to say she and her owner were enjoying their day is an understatement.  Not sure if you can describe a dog as sultry but she was. Very attentive standing  four square endearing head with dark eye, nicely broken markings with a spring in  her step. 
3. Bates´Kavenka Minnie The Minx. 

Veteran Bitch(7,2) 
1. Baillie´s Frynrose Mrs Tiggy Winkle JW, this lovely 8 year old Blenheim lady is  another exhibit defying time. Of pretty head dark eye and alluring soft melting 
expression, framed by well feathered ears. Held her head high via her nicely arched  neck and moved gracefully around the ring showing off her level topline and 
splendid coat. Delighted to award her Best Veteran. 
2. Glen`s Sandbrae Serenade In Blue, a 7 year old Black and Tan lady with the sweetest of head and dark eye, short coupled, compact in shape, level topline  with a mirror like sheen on her coat. Moved well. 
3. Anderson´s Lyncraeg Genevieve of Glenlora. 

Minor Puppy(2,1) 
1. Gow´s Grajenco Macchiato, this lively 7 month richly coloured Ruby baby  is very much learning her trade. However you can see she is going to be a 
character by the gleam on her dark eye and face full of mischief. When she  settled she presented a promising outline, good reach of neck and level topline. 

Puppy Bitch(6,1) 
1. Inglis´Craigowl Touche, a glamorous well broken Blenheim bitch with a show maturity  waybeyond her 10 months. Most feminine of heads with such a soft melting 
expression, dark eye and well set on ears. Delightful reach of neck, level topline  and certainly a`four square´ expert already made possible by being so balanced 
in body. Glided gracefully around the ring. 
2. Gow´s Coralvalley Charm At Lyncraeg, a 11 month old Blenheim bitch with well broken  markings enhanced by a rich chestnut colouring. Of pretty head, dark eye, good 
ear featherings and attractive crest of neck. Presented a good outline, sound on the  move and I believe will develop in time to be very eye-catching. 
3. White´s Carleney Started With a Kiss. 

Junior Bitch(3,0) 
1. Gaskell´s Jeilohn Honeyberry, today came out top in the battle of the litter sisters. T his 17 month old attractively marked Tricolour bitch looked at you with her sweet 
expression and dark eye, long black well feathered ear set and used her neck to  advantage to present a balanced outline keeping a level topline whilst moving out well. 
2. Kirk´s Jeilohn Partience, more heavily marked than her sister above and more  slender in body. Nonetheless very much an equally pretty Tricolour with the same dark 
eyes sharing the family level topline. 
3. Bell´s Chistabella Paloma. 

Maiden Bitch(2,0) 
1. Inglis´ Keep In Touch, a stunning 10 month old Blenheim bitch of heavier markings  than her litter sister above. However cut from the same cloth otherwise... lovely head, 
gentle expression, lustrous dark eye and correct pigment. Her super arch of neck flows  into a spirit level topline with a good spring of rib and angulation. Overall profile is one to 
admire from one so young. Her elegant freeflowing movement was the icing on the cake  that led to the award of RBB and BP. 
2. Clewley & McIntosh´s Kalsangs Red Hot Waterfall, this 4 year old up to size Blenheim  bitch lacked a little condition today. Her structure was sound with well broken markings. 

1. Kirk´s Jeilohn Patience. See Junior. 

1. Glen´s Trusties Harmony Haida to Sandbrae, 3 year old richly coloured Ruby bitch in  excellent condition. Very pretty head, dark eye and soft melting expression. Nice reach of 
neck, short coupled holding a very level topline whilst moving with purpose around the  ring. 

Post Graduate(1,1) 

Special PG Black/tan/Ruby(2,0) 
1. Glen´s Black Xenia V Cavino to Sandbrae, a 3 year old Black and Tan bitch shown once  again in super condition by this exhibitor. Most sweet head, dark eye and long well 
feathered ears. Once settled displayed a pleasing outline with balance and moved out  well both ways. 
2. Cockburn´s Ordiga Cecilia at Ebonyfields, a 7 year old Black and Tan dame from the  earlier Veteran class still clearly enjoying her day. Of full head and a glint in her dark eye 
moving joyfully around the ring. 

Limit Bitch(4,1) 
1. Waddington´s Ricksbury Rosebank of Spindlepoint, a 2 year old well marked Blenheim  bitch in the mood to have fun today. Most feminine head, dark eye and well set on ears 
good lay of shoulder and arch of neck holding her topline displaying good balance on the  move. 
2. Bell´s Lanola Savilla of Christabella, a 4 year old Blenheim bitch with nicely broken  markings. Pleasing expression, dark eyes, very long well feathered ears and good reach of 
neck. Moved well holding her topline. 
3. Bates´Kavenka Queen of Spades. 

Open Bitch(5,1) 
1. Gow´s Lochbuie Teazle at Lyncraeg, I first judged this glamourous well broken 6 year old  Blenheim girl about 3 years ago and she has lost none of her appeal or sparkle. You 
immediately succumb to her stunningly pretty feminine head with that most soft melting  expression, captivating dark eyes and long well feathered ears. She boasts a good reach of 
neck, sound overall construction and well balanced outline, enabling her to glide elegantly  around the ring. i was delighted to aware her BB/BOS. 
2. McMurray´s Cinderlace Primrose at Merryoth, another very appealing well marked 6  year old Blenheim bitch of gentle expression, well set long ears and dark eyes. Presented 
a most pleasing balanced outline when standing and on the move. Very happy showgirl. 
3. Cockburn´s Ordiga Cecilia at Ebonyfields.