Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


Referee's Crit.Ch Show 14

Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club CH Show

October 18th, 2014

Referee Mr R Morrison's Critique

After a busy day for both the Dog judge Mrs D. Searle and the Bitch judge Mrs K. Sloan they found they could not agree on a BIS.

I being the appointed referee was asked to judge their respective Dog CC and Bitch CC winners to decide on BOB and BIS.

The dog was a yearling tricolour – Hughes - Lorankas Heavenley Moment who was very active, well balanced and had an expression to die for, his head properties were excellent as was his nose pigmentation, I loved his cushioned muzzle, large dark expressive eyes, long high set ears, his dentition is A1, he has a slightly arched neck set into well laid shoulders and sound straight forelegs, I felt he was very short coupled with good spring of rib, he has good rear angulation and his rear assembly is straight when viewed from the rear both in stance and when gaiting, his tail is well set, carried and used to emphasize his outgoing temperament, he has compact cushioned feet, on the move he has lovely front reach and rear drive, his coat is of lovely silky texture and it was beautifully presented, it could be argued that he is somewhat heavily marked but his attributes outweigh this , he is of ideal size and exudes quality , he scored today via his character and here I am attitude aided by a handler that knows her craft. He was my choice for BOB and BIS.

The bitch was a two and a half year old Blenheim – King – Smiths – Ispahan Seabreeze she coming through from a very nice bitch challenge, she is very feminine with a sweet expression, has well set ears of lovely length, has A1 nose pigmentation, I liked her profile shape, well spaced out coat markings, she is good to go over, it had been a long day and I felt she was not as animated as the dog, she also just failed slightly in top line to the dog when gaiting, her femininity is there for all to see, she was well presented and throughout very sympathetically handled.

I was again called in to make a decision on BPIB, both exhibits were Blenheim, the dog being – Moffats – Maibee a Symphony and the bitch being – Rennards – Deranmar Jocelyn, both were well marked with rich chestnut markings, both were of ideal size and both were well handled, the dog is young , he has very tidy dentition and I loved his size, shape, type and expression, he needs time to come together when gaiting, presently his front action needs to improve, the bitch has a lovely feminine look, very expressive eyes and cushioned muzzle, there was minimal tear staining which detracted somewhat from what I thought was a quality head piece, she has an A1 slightly arched neck, front assembly, body development, rear assembly and profile outline, she as was the dog very well handled, Jocelyn just edging BP through her tidier front action and at present her maturity, both should have bright futures.

It was an honour to be involved in the Scottish Clubs well run and organised CH Show and judging a breed I have had a long association with.

Good luck to you all in the future.

Judge – Dick Morrison

October 19th, 2014