The Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.


SCKCS Club Championship Show 2018

Junior Handling


Kevan Berry 

Junior handling entry was a disappointing turn out of young handlers but the ones that did show were excellent.

9 to 11 years (1 entry}

1st  Toni Mc.Cue just 9 years old but she was instructed what and how I wanted her to show her very nicely presented dog,.this she did, her dog just wanted to pull a little bit but Toni kept him on his toes at all times. She herself was smart and didn’t over power the dog, she should be proud of her performance. in the

12 to 16 Years (2 entries}

Jodie Sidgwick and Maggie Williamson were marvellous handlers and it made my job very difficult.

1st    I just felt Jodie spoke to her lovely Blenheim boy keeping him focused at all times.

2nd   Maggie and her delightful Black and Tan puppy didn’t do anything wrong in fact they made a lovely pair. I just wish I could handle as well as these young lady’s

 Kevan Berry 

Final Results

9-11 Years

1st Toni McCue aged 9

12-16 Years

1st Jodie Sidgwick aged12

 2nd Maggie Willaimson aged 12

Best Handler

Jodie Sidgwick

SCKCSC Junior Handling 

Summer Show 4th June 2017

Judge:  Mrs Jenny MacAlpine (Annatika)

It was quite unexpected to be requested to judge this at the show but very 

enjoyable.  Sadly only a couple of entries but they were very close in their expertise.

Class 6 – 11 years

1st Toni McCue 8 years she worked hard as her dog was quite a handful but she 

showed him well and followed all instructions given to her.  Best Junior Handler.

2nd. Sky McLean 11 years another good wee handler in the making. 

 Just got pipped to the post by 1.  Her dog was older and not so much of a handful.  She showed him well and I am sure on another day the place s   could well be reversed.