Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


Junior handling Spring 16

Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Spring Open Show

Junior Handling  6 – 11 Years 

20th February 2016 

Judge: - Mrs Gillian Blair (Bellflows) 

 Handling in this class was of a good overall standard. Most listened to instructions given and carried them out to the 

 best of their ability.

1st Place Calum Taylor 8 years Best Junior Handler. 

A very good handler. Liked his overall presentation wearing a black suit which complimented his ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel well and he used to the ring to his advantage. Excellent straight lines and corners good table work and answered my questions well. He was the only one who didn’t break the golden rule. Never blocking my view of the dog. Kept an eye on me at all times in the ring and changed hands and moved around the dog whilst free standing accordingly. Very well done and was deserving of first place.

2nd Place – Sky McLean 9 years

Again very well presented young handler with hair neatly tied back but unfortunately forgot to watch where I was standing in the ring. Very attentive to her dog and completed the patterns correctly and neatly with nice straight lines, good table work. Moved her dog at the correct speed.

3rd Place - Alistair Taylor 6 years

Well-presented polite handler who needed his box to stand on to reach the table. He presented his dog well holding the head up into his hand out of the way and answered my questions well. Unfortunately set off in the wrong pattern in the wrong hand but lines were straight and he had a good rapport with his dog. Will be one to watch in the future especially by his older brother who was placed 1st place today.

Thanks to you all. I really enjoyed the appointment I would like to say – inexperience is not a fault. Keep entering competition and enjoy yourselves and enjoy your showing. Keep learning and your placing’s will become higher. Good luck and Happy Showing.