The Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.


Dangers by the seaside.

Sand – eyes , mouths. Don’t let your dogs dig holes. Can result in nasty conjunctivitis.

Sea – tides, waves, Sea water- not good to drink for your dog. Don’t let your dog swim too far I any sort of weather.

Cliffs, rocks, Care slippery with sea weed and sharp and cut dogs pads.

Sharp shells can cut paws and gums.

Seaweed – chunks of thick stuff. Don’t let your dogs eat ANY - can cause complete obstruction and result in emergency surgery..

Jellyfish- dead or alive - if sniffed or licked by dogs can cause acute anaphylactic reactions requiring emergency treatment.

Litter and rotting food= barbecue sites - corn on the cob central cores - swallowed - again can cause fatal obstructions as they don’t show up on x-rays..
Sharp bits of driftwood. Don,t throw sticks or wood - can cause nasty injuries.
Barbecue leftovers.

Dead fish or seals. Live stranded seals - can be very, very vicious and give dogs (for owners) horrendous bites. Never approach.

Buckthorn. If dog gets a bit of buckthorn in eye - NEVER try to pull straight out - these need to be carefully unscrewed from the corneal areas.

Sorry to say I used to get a great many dog patients from beaches round here every summer - mostly dogs who were not used to beach areas - but not always. People can leave a lot of nasty and dangerous litter.

Stay safe and keep your dog safe too.