Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


Critiques 2012


20TH OCTOBER, 2012

Bitch Judge

Mr James W. Finlay

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for inviting me to Judge and to thank them very much for their hospitality on the day. I had a very enjoyable day and would like to thank the exhibitors for an excellent entry. I had some really lovely bitches to go over. Along with my co-judge we agreed it was a day for the bitches for top awards.

Best in Show Hughes - CH Loranka’s Sherry Baby JW

Reserve Best in Show Surman’s - Cavaleigh Jaida With Vallander

Best Opposite Sex Inglis - Craigowl Out Of The Blue

Best Puppy Turnbull’s - Peakdowns Lexi

Best Veteran McMurray’s – Merryoth Maeve


Class 16 VETERAN (4, 0)

1st McMurray’s Merryoth Maeve – a tri in stunning condition. I have long admired her from the ringside. She has retained her beautiful outline, lovely head and expression, dark eyes, good spring of rib, short coupled, moved with real drive and purpose. Along with my co-judges agreement, Best Veteran in Show.

2nd Glen’s Sandbrae Beyond The Blue - a very nice Black & Tan, again not showing her years. Lovely shape and size, enough bone, pleasing head and expression, not quite the fluency of 1 on the move.

3rd Richardson’s Kringlehome Applause

Class 17 MINOR PUPPY (12, 6 )

1st Turnbull’s Peakdown’s Lexi – a charming 8 month old Blenheim, full of potential and I do hope she fulfills her early promise, ultra feminine in head, correct stop, lovely muzzle, super eyes, ex neck and shoulders, spring of rib and hindquarters. Moved freely and soundly around the ring in lovely coat and presentation first class. Best Bitch Puppy and with full agreement with my co-judge – Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Hughes’ Loranka’s Truly Scrumptious – Blenheim at just 7 months, despite her being raw she won this placing on her overall balance and soundness. She has adequate bone and substance for her age. Showing good reach and drive, head coming along, eyes dark and expressive.

3rd Lovel’s Lovetrac Endearment

Class 18 PUPPY (13, 1)

1st Turnbull’s Lochbuie Evette At Peakdowns – soundly made Blenheim, liked her size and shape, balance and substance. Ex ribcage, well muscled hindquarters. Pretty head with soft gentle expression, again like her kennel-mate, shown in excellent condition, could not match her in the challenge on the move today.

2nd Brooks’ Moonvale Vivienne - lovely Blenheim, feminine head with soft gentle expression. Straight front, good reach of neck and layback of shoulders, real showgirl who catches the eye.

3rd Mangham’s Charnavale Magic Touch

Class 19 JUNIOR (9, 1)

Two Blenheims and both extremely smart.

1st Chapman’s Ellemich Exclamation - she is one of those which makes you take a second look, she is showy, lovely rich chestnut on the whitest of backgrounds, never gives up showing, lovely head with soft gentle expression, well developed muzzle with beautiful eyes and black pigmentation, nice arch of neck, ex forechest, spring of rib and hindquarters, moved freely and with drive

2nd Li’s Avalcier Inspired JW – this bitch shows many of the above, head is well balanced with ex muzzle and pigmentation, long ears, skull flat and the stop is just right. She too is a lovely size and shape. She has more coat than 1 but today I just preferred the overall conformation and balance of 1 which showed on the move. Two very nice bitches with very bright futures.

3rd Lovel’s Lovetrac Phenomena

Class 20 YEARLING (13, 2)

Another very good class.

1st Hubbard’s Cobbets Dancing Diva Avec Popolulu JW – a very smart Blenheim I have admired from the ringside. She was a delight to go over, lovely head, large dark expressive eyes, short coupled body, level topline, super hindquarters in lovely coat and condition, never stopped showing and very sound on the move. Another with a very bright future i’m sure.

2nd Waddington’s Spindlepoint Lyra – lovely feminine Blenheim, very pretty head and expression, carries herself well on the move, ex topline and tail carriage, moved with drive and just the right size and shape. Shown in excellent condition.

3rd Waters’ Maibee Love Story

Class 21 MAIDEN (2, 0)

1st Waters’ Angel’s Pride Valerie – just over twelve months, another very nice Blenheim bitch, well made and balanced, lovely head with soft gentle expression, pleasing body shape well off for bone and substance, moved freely.

2nd Beswick’s Jeilohn Lily Of Patras – a Tri that is full of herself, soundly made, nice size and shapre, good head and expression, has substance, bone and body, overall a well balanced bitch that doesn’t do herself favours at times.

Class 22 NOVICE (5, 1)

1st Lovel’s Lovetrac Phenomena – Very attractive Tri, generous head, well finished muzzle and dark eyes, good conformation throughout, sound positive mover. She is a touch proud of her tail which spoils her outline at times.

2nd Waters’ Angel’s Pride Valerie

3rd Gillhespy’s Lorphil Sea Siren

Class 23 GRADUATE (6, 2)

1st Rogerson’s Rabymar Paper Moon – I liked this b/t bitch for her size and shape together with her positive movement. Shown in super coat and condition, well boned, lovely front and hind angulation, soft gentle expression, good width to her skull and muzzle.

2nd Richardson’s Lorphil Matinee Kiss – pretty Blenheim of nice size and shape, feminine head, nice neck and shoulders in lovely coat condition. Moved out well around the ring.

3rd Shrimpton’s Cobbets Dizzy By Design

Class 24 Post Graduate

1st Koster’s Montcolly Dotty Harana JW – a top quality well marked Blenheim shown in super condition. Very pretty head with soft gentle expression. Scores in rib, topline and tailset. Very sound on the move which won her the class. Another very nice bitch we will hear more of.

2nd Gaskell’s Jeilohn Myrna – not as settled as 1 on the move, none the less a very nice tri. Lovely shape and size with excellent rib and depth of chest, good front and hind angulation. Pleasing in head with a gentle expression. Shown in excellent coat which was well presented.

3rd Workman’s Turretbank Saffron Silk

Class 25 SPEC POST GRAD (W/C) (5,0)

1st Whitfield’s Bevelmount Red Focus – a quality Ruby bitch of correct size, pretty head with the darkest of eyes and a lovely soft expression, excellent neck, shoulders, topline and tailset. Good depth of chest and ribcage. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Would just like her a shade darker in colour to finish the picture.

2nd Rogerson’s Rabymar Paper Moon

3rd Workman’s Turretbank Saffron Silk

Class 26 SPEC POST GRAD (P/C) (4, 1)

1st Hughes’ Loranka’s Pixie – lovely Blenheim bitch like her overall shape and size, excellent ribcage balanced picture standing which she holds on the move. Silky gleaming coat and feathering, moved with excellent reach and drive. Lovely head shape with dark expressive eyes and excellent pigmentation.

2nd Scott’s Lorphil Lalibertie – a well balanced bitch that has a lot to like. Excellent conformation, feminine head and expression, flat skull, nice neck and shoulders, level topline and correct tailset. Today couldn’t match 1 on the move.

3rd Shrimpton’s Cobbets Chorus Girl

Class 27 LIMIT (10, 0)

Lovely class of bitches.

1st Surman’s Cavaleigh Jaida With Vallander – a super Blenheim out of the top drawer, beautiful head with lovely large dark eyes, good width to muzzle and super pigmentation, giving the softest of expression. So well constructed she just flowed around the ring. Super markings, shape and correct bone & substance, shown in super coat and condition. Pushed the CC winner all the way. Just loved her. RCC with full agreement of my co-judge. Reserve Best in Show.

2nd Hegarty’s Chantismere Claddagh – another top quality Blenheim with lovely head and expression. Super body shape and size. Excellent conformation all round. Today didn’t have her mind on the job.

3rd Gow’s Lochbuie Teazle At Lyncraeg

Class 28 SPECIAL OPEN (W/C) (6, 1)

1st Koster’s Harana Cilly BlackJW - a glamorous Black & Tan bitch of super breed type, she has a lovely outline standing and on the move. Head is perfectly balance with a lovely soft gentle expression. Elegant neck, excellent shoulders, level back and well angulated hindquarters, She definately has the wow factor and was very close for top honours today.

2nd Whitfield’s Bevelmount Red Focus

3rd Glen’s Sandbrae Serenade In Blue

Class 29 SPECIAL OPEN ( Resident in Scot)

1st McMurray’s Cinderlace Primrose At Merryoth – quality Blenheim bitch, well made and balanced throughout. Pleasing head shape with soft gentle expression, super ear feathering that frames her feminine head. Moved out well.

2nd Gray’s Spindlepoint Sophia Loren For Everclasi SH CM – smaller Blenheim bitch none the less another very nice exhibit, well made with firm body. Short coupled, level topline, balanced fore and aft, silky coat.

3rd Glen’s Sandbrae Beyond The Blue

Class 30 OPEN (6, 0)

1st Hughes’ CH Loranka’s Sherry Babie JW – a tri that has a presence that ‘once in a lifetime’ dogs have. She has everything I look for in a Cavalier. She pulled out all the stops to top todays entry. She has excellent balance and conformation whether standing or on the move. Long ears frame her beautiful head, large dark expressive eyes give the desired soft gentle expression. Super body shape, bone and substance. Coat of soft silky texture, shown in good hard muscular condition. She looked stunning today and she knew it as well. BCC and with full agreement of my co-judge BIS.

2nd Turnbull’s Peakdowns Skye – beautifully balanced feminine Blenheim of excellent muscle and shape, moved well holding herself on the move. Feminine head, large eyes and soft expression, well constructed. Today just overshadowed by 1 but a very nice bitch.

3rd Waddington’s Spindlepoint Babich JW