Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


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The Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Championship Show

17 October 2015

Bitch Judge: Rachel Surman


I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of the Club for their invite to judge bitches at this lovely show and their warm and generous hospitality on the day.  I had a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed going over some truly lovely bitches.  Thank you to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs.  A down point of the day was the lack of presentation in some exhibits – fingers caught in knots is never a good thing and a shame for the dogs as they give their best.  Having said that the majority were spotless and very well presented – thank you.

My co-judge, Debbie Kerr and I happily agreed on the top awards. 

As has become the norm at club championship shows there was £20 on offer for the oldest veteran exhibited; this went to Mrs Anderson’s Lyncraeg Genevieve at Glenlora at 12 years and 5 months old.





  1. Koster’s Dortmund Delyla Harana

    Well known almost 9 year old black and tan who made the ring her own.  She has such a presence in the ring add that to the impeccable presentation and she is a hard act to follow.  She has a well made body with nice angles topped with a good coat.  Such a pretty girl with loveliest of plush heads; it draws you in.  Her eyes are dark and deep with a melting expression.  She is eager to please and moves off so fast but once settled moves and shows well – a true credit to her owner.

  2. Baillie’s Fyrnrose Miss Tiggy Winkle JW

    Another that is a credit to her owner.  8 year old Blenheim with a pretty head, lovely eyes and still retaining her dark pigment.  Well made body topped with a lovely coat that was well presented.  She moved out well and looked to be enjoying her day out.

  3. Korn’s Sandusk Chardonnay JW


    Minor Puppy

    This was a lovely class and I am sure that the first 3 will change places many times.

  1. Inglis’ Craigowl Touche

    A true minor puppy; 6 month old little lady who took everything in her stride.  What a pretty girl; she has the most gentle feminine expression, lovely dark eyes and pigment.  She has a nicely made body with a good neck to body length ratio giving a lovely balance.  She moved well and strode out with confidence and verve holding her topline.  A lovely puppy who should have a very bright future.

  2. Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Nina Rickie

    Another super baby so eye catching.  6 months old and another true minor puppy.  A very pretty baby with a delightfully cheeky expression and a busy personality.  Pretty head with lovely eyes, nice blaze and good tan.  She has a lovely body, good neck and lay of shoulder, a well made and marked body.  She moved steadily.

  3. Inglis’ Craigowl Keep in Touch



  1. Vella’s Cinderaic Taboo BPB, RBCC, BPIS

    Another lovely puppy who took a while to settle but once she did she was the clear class winner.  She is super feminine with lovely round dark eyes and great depth to her pigment.  She is lovely to go over; it just all fits as she is made so well.  Her neck flows into a well laid shoulder, she has a good topline both standing and on the move.  A wealth of richly marked coat topped her lovely body and completed the picture.  She moved steadily and true.  So pleased to award her the RCC.

  2. Hall’s Gransil Golden Mitzy at Rootessma

    Another puppy with great appeal – although shade larger.  Pretty Ruby nice head with fabulous dark round eyes and super pigment.  She has a well made and balanced body giving a good outline both standing and on the move.  Her coat is of a good colour and was well presented.  She moved out happily and with confidence demonstrating her strong true movement.

  3. Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Rumour Has It



  1. Claydon’s Ellemich Infusion

    17 month old Blenheim of a lovely size.  She has a pretty feminine head with a gentle expression, lovely round dark eyes and good pigment.  She has a well made body with a good rib.  She is a pleasing bitch who carries herself well; she moves steadily and true holding a firm topline and lovely outline.

  2. Hughes’ Loranka’s Moments Like This

    Pretty tricolour who was very appealing.  She has a lovely head with nice eyes and good bright tan points.  She is well made through neck and shoulders to a good level topline.  A nice well broken coat finishes the picture.  She moves well, striding out covering the ground with ease.

  3. Sedgbeer’s Tasset Freya with Russmic



  1. Waddington’s Ricksbury Rosebark of Spindlepoint

    23 month old Blenheim bitch.  A very pretty girl with large dark eyes giving the correct expression.  A well presented coat topped a nicely made body with a good neck and laid shoulders.  She carried a good level topline at all times, moving and showing well.



  1. Vella’s Cinderaic The Lady is a Tramp

    Spirited tricolour who is heavily marked but it does not detract from the quality beneath – her black jacket gleamed.  She has a pretty and open face with lovely eyes, a mischievous expression just adds to the appeal.  She is well put together with good balance to her body.  When settled she proved she could move well and freely.

  2. Lee’s Calonlan Perfect Kiss for Kelrick

    Pretty girl who is still quite raw.  Feminine head with large eyes which are dark as is her pigment.   She has a nicely made body with a good neck and level topline which she held.  She just needs more coat to finish the picture and add that touch of glamour.  She moved well, with confidence.

  3. Barr’s Deranmar Claudia at Stronepoint



  1. Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Rumour Has It

    Larger cast Blenheim bitch but of good quality.  She has a pretty head with typical large dark eyes and a pleasing expression, good pigment completed the picture.  Nicely made body with a nice neck and shoulder placement and good angles.  She moved and showed well.

  2. Maclaine’s Lochbuie Eyecon

    Pretty tricolour who was presented in good condition as were all from this kennel.  She has nice eyes and expression.  Once again heavily marked but with a quality coat that gleamed.  She is nicely made with good angles, she held her topline, moving and showing with style.

  3. Kirk’s Jeilohn Patience



  1. Turnbull’s Peakdowns Jade

    Nicely marked Blenheim who stood alone but had all the attributes to win the class.  She has a nice head with large dark eyes and wonderful pigment.  She has a good neck and well laid shoulder leading to a sound and balanced body.  She moved well and held her topline throughout.


    Post Graduate

  1. Bubb’s Wandris Songbird

    Well presented Blenheim bitch of lovely quality.  She has a lovely feminine head with the largest dark round eyes and good dark pigment.  She has a nicely made body topped with a lovely coat of the correct texture.  An attentive show girl who moved and showed well.

  2. King-Smith’s Ispahan Blue Bunting

    Another super pretty girl with a feminine head with a lovely expression, large dark eyes complete her head.  A well made body complete with good neck and shoulders, level topline and nice angles.  She moved well but just never seemed to settle to see her at her best.

  3. Snook’s Coralvalley Summer Wish


    Special Wholecolour Postgraduate

  1. Smith’s Beaudale Bo Peep

    Lovely overall bitch built on elegant lines.  Very feminine head with nice round eyes and pigment of the lovely depth.  Richly coloured coat topping a nicely made body with a good neck and shoulder placement.  Well angulated, she moved out well.  I shortlisted her in the challenge where she unfortunately never quite settled.

  2. Maclaine’s Lochbuie Reddy for Anything

    Another nice Ruby but of a different type.  Pretty head with dark eyes and pigment.  She has a good coat which is a good rich colour.  A nicely made compact and balanced body.  She moved out well and steadily.

  3. Finlay’s Grajenco Who Am I with Marisk


    Special Parti Colour Postgraduate

  1. Hindle’s Ellisanna Aphrodite

    Larger made Blenheim of quality.  Plush well filled head with lovely eyes giving an attractive expression.  She has a nicely made body carrying a full coat of a good texture.  She moved well, eager to please her handler she showed with enthusiasm.

  2. Finlay & Kirkwood’s Ellemich Adorable

    Another larger made Blenheim but of a nice type.  Pretty head with the desired large dark eye and gentle expression complete with good pigment.  She has a nicely made body with a good reach of neck and a level topline.  A little lacking in coat and finish today but moved out strongly.

  3. Turnbull’s Peakdowns Pandora



  1. Rennard’s Derenmar Jocelyn JW

    Neat little Blenheim who is quite charming.  She has a very feminine head with lovely dark round eyes, and an inquisitive expression, using her ears well.  Compact and nicely made body with a profuse coat.  She moved well in all directions and showed confidently.

  2. Hughes’ Loranka’s Could it be Magic

    Another quality Blenheim girl but a size larger.  She was well presented as one would expect and showed herself well.  A different type to my winner.  She has a pretty head with good shaped and coloured eyes and nice pigment. 

  3. White’s Cavallino Buttons


    Special Whole Colour Open

  1. Koster’s Ch Harana Kiki Dee BCC & RBIS

    Lovely Black & Tan presented to perfection.  Great quality who holds an impressive outline both on the move and standing.  Classic head with lovely expressive eyes.  Lovely neck and shoulder placement, level topline held.  Nice balance to her body topped with raven coat which gleamed.  She moved well with a proud head carriage.  She is a consummate showgirl who gave all each time she was asked.  I was pleased to award her the CC and in complete agreement with my co-judge, RBIS.


    Special Resident in Scotland Open

  1. McMurray’s Cinderlace Primrose at Merryoth

    Pleasing mature Blenheim.  Lovely eyes, round and dark with matching pigment.  Well made body with a good balance.  Nice neck and shoulder placement, level topline and good rear angulation.  She is an attentive show girl and moved impressively round the ring.

  2. Gow’s Lochbuie Teazle at Lyncraeg

    A dainty Blenheim with a pretty head, lovely eyes and pigment.  She has a well balanced body complimented with a richly coloured profuse coat.  She showed and moved well.

  3. Finlay & Kirkwood’s Ellemich Adorable



  1. Fisk’s Simpatico Ginger Nut Avec Rebhann

    17month old Ruby girl.  She is well made with a nice balance to her – decent neck and shoulder leading to a nicely shaped body with a good turn of stifle.  Her body is topped with a richly coloured coat and a little more will complete the picture.  Once settled she move around the ring well.  She has a pretty head with great eyes of the correct shape.

  2. Dodds’ Itsadodal Silent Witness

    Pretty Blenheim girl with a nice head.  Good eyes giving a feminine expression.  A lovely type with a nice neck and shoulder neatly made body with a good coat.  She obviously enjoys her showing and moving out excitedly but once settled moved steadily.


    Judge: Rachel Surman