Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


Champ Show results 2017

Scottish Cavalier Show Results  2017

Best in Show Ch Craigowl Out Of Reach JW

Res.Best  in Show  Brien's Valentyne The Irish Tenor

Best Opposite Sex in Show  Barrowclough's Almondroyd Catch A Wish At Barrowlian

Best Puppy in Show  Holland's Bonniemadra Baptism Of Fire

Best Veteran in Show   Mangham Perfect Touch Of Charnavale


Judge Mrs S Ireland-Cook


Dog CC Ch Craigowl Out Of Reach JW

Reserve Dog CC  Brien's Valentyne The Irish Tenor

Best Puppy Dog Holland's bonniemadra Baptism Of Fire

Class 1 Veteran (4/0)

1st     Mangham Maibee Perfect Touch Of Charnavale JW

2nd    Fraser’s Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg

3rd    Ross’s Cavilera De Oro

Res.  Finchlea Rantin Rovin Robin


Class 2 Minor Puppy (3/1)

1st     Holland’s Bonniemadra Baptism of Fire

2nd    Finlay & Kirkwood’s Ellemich Master Chef at Marisk

3rd    Nichol’s Chantismere Choir Boy



Class 3 Puppy (4/1)

1st     Smith’s Beaudale Rusty Dusty Blues

2nd    Hindle’s Spindepoint Donovan to Ellisiana

3rd    Sedgbeer’s Russmic Onenonly

Res   Nichol's.Chantismere Choir Boy


Class 4 Junior (6)

1st     Rix’s Ricksbury Poldark

2nd    Kynaston’s Granasil Vontrap

3rd     Fraser’s Lewis’s Leonardo

Res.   Kerr's Kinvaar Noah Man That can

VHC   Byers's Braemarra taylor at Linetive

Class 5 Yearling (7)

1st      Hegarty’s Chantismere Conquistador

2nd     Watt’s Jamesbonny Josey Wales JW

3rd      Kynaston’s Granasil Vontrap

Res.   Korn’s Beaudale Secret Dream at Sandusk

VHC   White’s Carleny Diamond Button

Class 6 Maiden (0)






Class 7 Novice (3/1)

1st     Campbell’s Cavilera Charming Charlie

2nd    Slack’s Piaffe Treacle Candy




Class 8 Graduate (7)

1st     Kynaston’s Granasil Vontrap

2nd    Lee’s Kelrick Flapjack JW

3rd     Korn’s Beaudale Secret Dream at Sandusk

Res.   Byer’s Braemarra Taylor at Linetive

VHC   Caldwell’s Kathysgirls Jaguar

Class 9 Post Graduate (7)

1st     Ballantine’s Middleshott Kings Ransom

2nd   Linton’s Thekop’s Hugo a Go Go

3rd    White’s Carleny Sweetest of All

Res.  Campbell’s Bonito Companeros Yabadabadoo

VHC  Green’s Cabbyleyr Ieus

Class 10 Sp. Post Graduate ( whole colour) (4)

1st    Kynaston’s Granasil Golden Nugget

2nd   Fraser’s Lewis’s Leonardo

3rd    Caldwell’s Kathysgirls Jaguar

Res.  Slack’s Piaffe Treacle Candy


Class 11 Sp.Post Graduate (Parti Colour) (4)

1st     Baillie’s Peakdown Floyd at Cavallino

2nd    Bell’s Chistabella Picasso

3rd    Slack’s Willowheart Louis

Res.  Levitt’s Lyncraeg Glengoyne at Kestrelflite


Class 12 Limit (8/0)

1st    Waddington’s Spindlepoint President JW

2nd   Baillie’s Peakdowns Morning Magic at Cavallino

3rd    Mangham’s Castlewytch Perfection of Charnavale JW

Res.  Bloice’s Scotlass Power of Love JW Sh Ch

VHC  Ballantine’s Middleshott King of Hearts

Class 13 Sp Open (whole colour) (2/1

1st    Fraser’s Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg





Class 14 Sp. Open (Resident in Scotland) (5/1))

1st    Gibb-Stuart’s Ch Chantismere Push My Button

2nd   McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth

3rd   Fraser’s Tingewood Tam O’Shanter

Res. Blair’s Bellflows Gentle Little Man


Class 15 Open (6/1)

1st    Inglis’s Ch Craigowl Out of Reach JW

2nd  O’Brien’s Valentyne The Irish Tenor

3rd   Sedgbeer’s Ch Castlewytch Rave on With Russmic

Res. Fraser’s Tingewood Tam O’Shanter

VHC Ballantine’s Middleshott King of Hearts