Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


Champ Show 17 Crits and summer Open Show

Best In Show Judge: Mr K Town (Barsac)
It was my pleasure to make the final decisions after Sandra Ireland-Cooke and Michael Forte had judged all the classes, and awarded the Challenge Certificates. Although the entry was not numerically large there was plenty of quality in the exhibits I was called upon to examine.
My selection  
Best In Show was Inglis Ch Craigowl Out Of Reach JW. Beautifully balanced blenheim male of two and half years. Most pleasing head type with very expressive large dark eyes and good cushioning in muzzle; good body shape, short coupled and excellent size and type. He moved and showed well and deserved this top award.
Reserve Best In Show was O'Brien's Valentyne The Irish Tenor An American invader who has shot to stardom in the UK and I can easily see why. Excellent for size and type, really well constructed with a smooth outline standing and moving. His expression is lovely with large dark eyes and well proportioned muzzle to skull. He really impresses on the move and all this is topped off by a well marked blenheim coat with the deepest tan markings.
Best Opposite Sex was Barraclough's Almonroyd Catch A Wish at Barrowlain. She is a pretty feminine bitch of two years. A well broken blenheim with a sweet expression and stylish on the move, most attentive to her handler.
Best Puppy was Holland's Bonnimadra Baptism Of Fire, a ruby male of eight months of age. Still immature but full of promise, he has a really well balanced outline with good angulation front and rear and most impressive in profile movement. He has a charming temperament and very pleasing expression.
Best Veteran was Mangham’s Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale JW. A blenheim male of 9 years but still in his prime. Excellent construction size and type, his nose pigment is still black; he keeps and excellent shape standing and moving with perfect topline and tail carriage. His expression is typical and delightful, excellent spring of rib. Would have been a very worthy champion.

Scottish Cavalier Club Championship Show

Lanark 21st October 2017

Judge - Dogs Mrs S Ireland   (Charnell)

Dog CC Ch Craigowl Out Of Reach JW

Reserve Dog CC  O'Brien's Valentyne The Irish Tenor

Best Puppy Dog Holland's bonniemadra Baptism Of Fire

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show. I consider it a great honour to be invited by a Breed Club. I very much enjoyed my day. Sincere thanks to my excellent steward Terry who kept everything running smoothly. Although the entry wasn’t large I had some quality dogs to go over and was very pleased with my final line up. My charming co-judge Mr Michael Forte and I were in complete agreement with the Best in Show Judge Mr. Ken Town on the final results. Thank you once again for my lovely gifts. I shall treasure the wooden paperweight with the Scottish Club Badge. I loved it.

Class 1 Veteran (4/0)

1st     Mangham Maibee Perfect Touch Of Charnavale JW. Well known 9 1/2 year old Blenheim. An old favourite of mine who was unlucky not to get his title which would have been very well deserved. Lovely size and shape with super topline and tail which he held on the move. Such a kind gentle face, greying a little with age,  correct length of muzzle and dark eyes. He can certainly show the youngsters how to move! Best Veteran in Show

2nd    Fraser's Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg. Well balanced 9 year old richly coloured Ruby. Sound and well made with excellent topline and tail. Masculine head with good pigment and correct earset. Level topline and good tail carriage.

3rd    Ross's Cavilera De Oro

Res.  Finchlea Rantin Rovin Robin 

Class 2 Minor Puppy (3/1) Three nice puppies

1st     Holland's Bonniemadra Baptism of Fire. A difficult decision between these first two and this 7 month Ruby finally tipped the scales with his lovely happy temperament. So well balanced with a neat little shape, correct bone for size,  good topline and well carried tail. Pretty head with sweet expression, large dark eyes, black nose pigment and richly coloured silky coat. He  was so pretty on the move and never stopped wagging his tail. A real little charmer! Best Puppy Dog and Puppy in Show. 

2nd    Finlay & Kirkwood's Ellemich Master Chef at Marisk. Attractively marked well broken 8 month Blenheim, so close up to one above. Elegant neck and well laid shoulder, level topline and excellent tail carriage which he held on the move. Nice head type with gentle expression and good nose and eye pigment. Lovely coat texture. One to watch! 

3rd    Nichol's Chantismere Choir Boy 

Class 3 Puppy (4/1)

1st     Smith's Beaudale Rusty Dusty Blues. 10 month Ruby. Another built on elegant lines. Excellent neck and well laid shoulder. Straight silky coat of good colour. Attractive head with jet black nose and large dark eye. Can really move out well with good reach and drive keeping a level topline and tail carriage. Just lost interest a little in the challenge for best puppy.

2nd    Hindle's Spindepoint Donovan to Ellisiana. Well broken Blenheim . Many of the same remarks as the one above apply to this boy. Lovely neck accentuated by his wide white collar. Great topline and tail. Masculine head with lovely large dark eyes, flat skull and excellent pigment. His mind was not on the job today and I really felt for his owner as she tried to control him. 

3rd    Sedgbeer's Russmic Onenonly

Res   Nichol's .Chantismere Choir Boy

Class 4 Junior (6)

1st     Rix's Ricksbury Poldark . Smart little Blenheim of ideal size. Well marked with a nice outline. Correct head shape with large dark eyes, correct length of muzzle, good nose pigment and large dark eyes giving a kind expression. Correct earset and flat skull. Excellent neck and shoulder, level topline, good croup and well carried tail.  He has certainly bodied up since I last saw him. Moved out well keeping a lovely head carriage. He was in my final five to be considered for higher honours but lost out on maturity. 

2nd    Kynaston's Granasil Vontrap. I really liked this smart Black and Tan boy. He has a great outline, both standing and on the move. Super neck and spirit level topline. Good bone and spring of rib. He has a very masculine head with beautiful eyes, well cushioned foreface and soft gentle expression. Bright tan in all the right places. Moved very well. I was told that his win in a later class gives him his Junior Warrant. Many Congratulations! 

3rd     Fraser's Lewis's Leonardo

Res.   Kerr's Kinvaar Noah Man That Can

VHC   Byers's Braemarra taylor at Linetive

Class 5 Yearling (7)

1st      Hegarty's Chantismere Conquistador. Striking tricolour of lovely size and super shape. The hardest colour to breed! Loved his great topline and croup and perfect tail carriage. Correct bone for size and profuse coat of good texture. Everything in proportion. Moderate head with nice dark eye and very good earset. Well let down hocks. Another in my final five, and deservedly so. I feel he still has a little more maturing to do but one that will go right to the top. 

2nd     Watt's Jamesbonny Josey Wales JW. Upstanding, masculine Blenheim unlucky to meet one above.  Completely different in type. Generous head with a nice expression, large dark eyes and good earset. Plenty of neck and correct shoulder placement. Moved out well from his strong rear, presenting a good outline and holding his topline at all times. 

3rd      Kynaston's Granasil Vontrap

Res.   Korn's Beaudale Secret Dream at Sandusk

VHC   White’s Carleny Diamond Button

Class 6 Maiden (0). NO ENTRIES

Class 7 Novice (3/1)

1st     Campbell's Cavilera Charming Charlie. Nice size prettily marked Blenheim who wasn't always very sure what to do. Correct head with large dark eyes. Good tail carriage and nice size. Sweet temperament.

2nd    Slack's Piaffe Treacle Candy. Up size B/T boy. Good topline and tail. Enjoying his day out. Not a show dog but still a special boy to his owner. Lovey temperament which is so important in our breed. 

Class 8 Graduate (7)

1st     Kynaston's Granasil Vontrap (See Class 4)

2nd    Lee's Kelrick Flapjack JW. Tricolour of the correct size. Moderate head with correct earset, flat skull and large dark eye. Straight silky coat. Well made all through who moved well keeping a good tail carriage. 

3rd     Korn's Beaudale Secret Dream at Sandusk

Res.   Byer's Braemarra Taylor at Linetive

VHC   Caldwell's Kathysgirls Jaguar

Class 9 Post Graduate (7)

1st     Ballantine's Middleshott Kings Ransom. Well broken Blenheim boy in full coat. Good head type with dark eye, well cushioned muzzle and kind expression. Well constructed with good topline and tail carriage. Glamorous boy who kept a nice outline on the move. 

2nd   Linton's Thekop's Hugo a Go Go. Well balanced, nicely marked Blenheim. Not as glamorous as some but very correct in so many ways. Neat and well balanced he was a nice shape, good head type with high set ears giving a nice flat skull. Carried himself well on the move keeping a level topline and correct tail carriage. 

3rd    White's Carleny Sweetest of All

Res.  Campbell’s Bonito Companeros Yabadabadoo

VHC  Green’s Cabbyleyr Ieus

Class 10 Sp. Post Graduate ( whole colour) (4)

1st    Kynaston's Granasil Golden Nugget. Compact little Ruby with a neat shape. Everything in proportion. Nice size and bone, well ribbed with level topline, good croup and correct tail carriage. Pretty coat of good quality. Lovely large eyes, dark and round with plenty of cushioning  under and good nose pigment. Looked good on the move, 

2nd   Fraser's Lewis's Leonardo. Nice size B/T who still needs to mature. Scored in head with good eye and correct length of muzzle. Straight silky coat. Good topline and tail. 

3rd    Caldwell''s Kathysgirls Jaguar

Res.  Slack's Piaffe Treacle Candy

Class 11 Sp.Post Graduate (Parti Colour) (4)

1st     Baillie's Peakdown Floyd at Cavallino. Attractively marked Blenheim with lots to like. Nice size and well balanced. Correct head with large dark eye. Nice coat of good texture. Moved well keeping a good topline though at times he can be a little proud of his tail.

2nd    Bell's Chistabella Picasso. Up to size Blenheim. Good head type and well made. He had lovely large white teeth and excellent bite. Straight silky coat and good tail carriage. Movement was a bit erratic but he was just enjoying himself the day! Nice personality!

3rd    Slack's Willowheart Louis

Res.  Levitt's Lyncraeg Glengoyne at Kestrelflite

Class 12 Limit (8/0)

1st    Waddington's Spindlepoint President JW. Beautiful headed Blenheim who I have admired from the ringside. I loved his head and expression. Huge dark eyes, well cushioned fore face, jet black nose and well set ears giving the correct flat skull. Elegant neck and shoulder. Well balanced with attractively marked straight silky coat. Correct size with good body and bone. He was in my final five but just lost his outline on the move. A quality dog. 

2nd   Baillie's Peakdowns Morning Magic at Cavallino. Another well marked Blenheim of nice size and shape. Good neck and shoulder tail and topline. He has the most beautiful large dark eyes giving a soulful expression. 

3rd    Mangham's Castlewytch Perfection of Charnavale JW

Res.  Bloice's Scotlass Power of Love JW Sh Ch

VHC  Ballantine's Middleshott King of Hearts 

Class 13 Sp Open (whole colour) (2/1

1st    Fraser's Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg (See Class 1)

Class 14 Sp. Open (Resident in Scotland) (5/1))

1st    Gibb-Stuart's Ch Chantismere Push My Button. Well known Blenheim boy. Great body and bone. Generous head correct in all the essentials. Well made all through with an excellent topline. Moved out with enthusiasm, really covering the ground. Well marked and in full coat. He is a worthy Champion. In my final five but had to give way to the youngsters today. 

2nd   McMurray's Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth. This Blenheim boy is built on elegant lines with long straight silky coat. Lovely size with a great neck and shoulder, level topline, good croup and correct tail carriage. He may just have won this class but unfortunately a pair of Ruby terrorists who were sitting ringside lunged towards him barking which upset him for the remainder of the class. Such a shame as he is just maturing into a really nice adult. 

3rd   Fraser's Tingewood Tam O'Shanter

Res. Blair's Bellflows Gentle Little Man

Class 15 Open (6/1) Such a difficult class headed by three lovely Champions. Unfortunately the Ruby Peril struck again and lunged at the third placed dog. It completely unsettled him for the rest of the class. My thanks to Kirsty McMurray for removing them from the ringside. 

1st    Inglis's Ch Craigowl Out of Reach JW.  Glorious headed Blenheim with the most gorgeous expression. Large dark soulful eyes, plush muzzle with jet black nose pad. Heavily fringed ears that frame his face and enhance his gentle expression. Good neck and well laid shoulder, level topline and well set tail never carried above his backline. He has a good body, well turned stifle and short hocks. In full glamorous coat he was whole picture, moving freely and gracefully around the large ring. I could not deny him the CC and was thrilled to see him go Best in Show under breed specialist Mr Ken Town

2nd  O'Brien's Valentyne The Irish Tenor. Just to make things really hard another lovely Blenheim. A real Toy Spaniel. So well proportioned with good bone and rib, excellent topline tail and croup. Such a pretty face with beautiful large dark round eyes and black nose pigment. Full well set ears add to his sweet expression. Richly coloured well marked coat of lovely texture. He moves so well keeping his good tail carriage. I just felt that he didn't quite have the "finish" of the winner today. These two will change places many times I'm sure. Res CC and awarded Reserve Best in Show by Mr Ken Town

3rd   Sedgbeer's Ch Castlewytch Rave on With Russmic

Res. Fraser's Tingewood Tam O’Shanter

VHC Ballantine's Middleshott King of Hearts

Judge - Sandra Ireland