Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

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Champ Show judges Critiques 2018

Best in Show Judge

 Liz McInally Dalvreck Cavaliers

I would like to thank the committee of the Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club for the honour of inviting me to judge Best in Show in Lanark on the 20th October 2018, I had an extremely enjoyable day and was honoured to be given the chance to judge the beautiful exhibits which had been selected by both the dog and bitch judges.

Best in Show

Spall and Clark’s Llapsttams Killer Queen. Beautifully presented Black and Tan bitch of quality, her long and silky coat is raven black with clear bright tan in all the right places. Lovely feminine head with flat skull and correctly set well feathered ears which she used perfectly in framing her pretty face, large dark lustrous eyes with the softest of expression, head proportions are excellent without being overdone. Good reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders, slightly longer cast but perfectly balanced with excellent spring of rib, lovely flat topline and tail carriage and she uses her strong rear quarters positively when moving freely around the ring, lovely profile both on the move and standing. This princess was new to me and I was delighted when she entered the ring, she most certainly did not disappoint and I was so pleased to award her Best in Show.

Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex

O’Briens Ch. Valentyne the Irish Tenor. Very smart Blenheim boy of true toy spaniel type, shown in lovely condition. Very well marked rich Blenheim of perfect size, glorious head qualities, darkest of eyes with the gentlest of expression, excellent pigment and his well feathered ears frames a classic head of true type. He is a neat boy but plenty of substance, good reach of neck and correct shoulder placement, lovely compact shape with flat topline and correct tailset. He is very eye catching and moved with drive going around the ring.

Personally on the day I felt he was a little tired and not up on his toes as I have previously seen him and today the bitch just had that extra sparkle for me.

Best Puppy in Show

Sansom’s Byermoor The Empress. 11 months Blenheim girl who caught my eye immediately. Perfect size with plenty of substance, her well marked coat was in super condition, very pretty head with the softest of expression radiating from her lovely dark eyes. Head is at the right stage for her age with well cushioned muzzle, not in the least overdone, correct ear placement which she uses to her advantage. Lovely compact shape with excellent neck and shoulders, good spring of rib with level topline and tailset. She has a supersweet temperament and really enjoys showing and this was evident as she trotted freely around the ring with positive movement. I will watch this little lady with interest.

Best Veteran in Show

Baillie’s Selkies Heavenly Prince at Fyrnrose. 8 year old Blenheim boy of good type. This is an old favourite of mine who did not disappoint today. Presented in good condition with his well marked coat of a silky texture, handsome masculine head with well feathered ears correctly placed on his flat skull, large dark eyes with gentle expression, dark pigment. He is a good size but not overdone , good reach of neck and correct shoulders with a level topline and well sprung rib, correct tailset. His handler took a little time to settle this experienced showboy but once he got his act together he soon settled into the routine and he took the big ring in his stride using his strong hindquarters positively, a free and easy mover. A credit to his owner as he is in wonderful condition.

Judge - Liz McInally Dalvreck Cavaliers

 Mr G Inglis (Craigowl)


I was pleased to return again to Scotland to judge for the club that provided my introduction to the dog show world and on whose committee I had served for a number of years. Our move north to Newcastle has made our renewed support of the Club's shows more frequent and always enjoyable. Club shows are primarily for the members and are enjoyed by all manner of exhibitors who share the common love of the Cavaliers and provide an opportunity for viewing the breed in numbers and talking to like-minded enthusiasts whose ambitions may be greater or lesser. I remember my first visit to the championship show in Stirling in 1972, as a spectator, being thrilled to see so many Cavaliers in one place. I am sure that today there were others that experienced that feeling.

In writing a critique, I tend towards the old school of thought that it is a commentary on the progress of breeders and exhibitors in their quest to present Cavaliers in accordance with the breed standard, rather than heaping flowery accolades on every animal judged without any constructive criticism.

It is now a decade since the Breed was subjected to public assault by misguided do-gooders and its prolonged and vicious aftermath saw many breeders give up or considerably reduce their breeding activities. So today there is a substantially new core of Cavalier breeders, albeit considerably less numerically, on whom the progress of the breed is dependent.

In my opinion, size is much more consistent. I remember showing in the 1980s, two bitches that we considered were the size according to the standard (small, well balanced, well within the 12-18 lb. range) against mostly bigger and more substantial ones. Today, correct sized bitches are more prevalent rather than the exception. I was dismayed to read a critique recently with the message in capitals that small is not good. I disagree, small is correct provided there is adequate bone and substance. Perhaps the use of capitals took the intended message out of context.

I have also recently read social media comments about the length of coats and legs today.

The standard calls for coats to be long and silky and free from curl with plenty of feathering, compared to Maltese (reasonable length) and Yorkshire Terrier (moderately long). So breeders of today are to be congratulated on their progress in this aspect.

Leg length can be a problem, and long coats can often give the illusion of shorter legs, but I think that the measure of legs should be gauged against the length of the body. Length of loin is as much a problem as shortness of leg. A balance between the two is necessary.

Modern head shapes are also the subject of criticism, both skulls and forefaces. I've seen some comments reminiscing about the 1980s as the golden age of Cavaliers. It certainly was in many respects and great Cavaliers were far more numerous. Even so, today’s top winners although not in numbers compare favourably and better many of these heroes of the past. However, it was in those 1980s that heads started to change due to the influence of the stud dogs used. These added a fullness and softness to the expressions which were a step forward from the earlier concentration on developing length of muzzle and flatter skulls from the originating stock. But, over the years there has been an exaggeration of these features in some dogs with higher rounded skulls and shorter heavier muzzles.

A major concern these days is the tail-set and carriage. There are too many rounded croups and incorrect tail carriages. The tail should be an extension of the level backline carried gracefully not much above the level of the back. The hall in Lanark provided a ring large enough to stand back and clearly see the bitches move in profile and sadly there were too few to satisfy me in this respect. General construction was in the main adequate with acceptable front and rear angulation, but the picture was in many cases spoiled by the recurring flaws in backline and tail carriage.

I regard the state of the breed today as being a “Work in Progress” with the areas I have mentioned needing a greater or lesser degree of fine tuning.

My comments on the dogs I placed are as I saw them on the day. I finalised just 4 of the class winners as fulfilling the criteria I had set myself - size, balance, construction, deportment, head and expression, personality and coat finish. I was delighted with the CC winner, shown today in glorious coat and condition and carrying herself with great style and grace, and the best puppy, who was a long way towards being a stunning adult. My Reserve CC, the veteran, although past her prime encapsulated the various priorities I sought and served as a living illustration of this. The minor puppy had so much to appreciate and with maturity will develop into something special to be proud of.

A final comment on the new judging regime we are moving to. I'm worried, even now. There are many new "breed" judges, and I struggle to recall a Cavalier of note being bred or exhibited by many of them and I've been around for a while. In addition there are a number of judges in the pipeline, whose experience and success as breeders and exhibitors is questionable. I accept that judging is a learning curve, but perhaps before judging at the highest level, some need to look at their own and be able to objectively and honestly critique their own show dogs before doing so on others. The judges, as much as the breeders, will have a significant influence on the future of our breed.

Veteran 5(4)

1st Gow's Lochbuie Teazle at Lyncraeg

A lovely start to the day, as this 9 year old blenheim was of ideal size with a balanced outline, correct markings and a good length of coat. Soft gentle eyes in a well- proportioned headpiece and dark nose pigmentation. She satisfied me constructionally with enough neck and a shortish back and carried herself with enthusiasm showing great character. Held her outline on the move and carried her tail perfectly. I forgave the shortage of teeth. Delightful and deserving Reserve CC winner.

2nd Turnbull’s Peakdowns Penny Layne

Another well-marked blenheim. Nearly 12 years old and looked very fit. Correct in size with a pleasing head type and eyes. Good neck and shoulders with firm body, but just rounding over the croup. Moved accurately but with less flair than winner and not so well coated. Holding her age well.

3rd Scott's Lorphil Lalibertie

Res. Glen's Sandbrae Serenade in Blue

Minor Puppy 8(2)

1st Waters & Bryson's Sweetbriar Sorbet

Pretty blenheim exactly 9 months old on show day. She emphasised how varied the rate of development in this 6-9 months age class can be, as she stood quite apart in this respect from the others. She is now quite ready for the move up to the puppy class, being firm and balanced in outline with strong well- placed legs on her shapely body with ideal topline and tail set. Broken markings of good colouring on a coat of reasonable length and soft texture. She carried herself efficiently and accurately holding her outline with her tail straight off the backline. Enough breadth of skull and feathered ears gave the flatness required and delightful large dark eyes. Needs to develop a little more in foreface and muzzle to counteract the impression that her muzzle markings can give in profile, but face on she is sweetness itself. A merited member of my final four today.

2nd Rhodes' Calonlan Titania

Although just 4 days younger than winner, this small and perfectly marked blenheim is as yet some way behind in development and appeared younger. Pleasing head properties with good eyes, a shapely muzzle and well-set ears .Dark nose pigment and correct teeth. Shortish body but rounding over the croup. She moved steadily enough but would like more drive and purpose.

3rd Gibb-Stuart's Over the Moon Ursidos Kodiak

Res. Linton's Thekop's Cinderella

VHC. Bacon’s Timbric First Edition

Puppy 7(0)

1st Sansom's Byermoor The Empress

The easy winner here. An impressive blenheim whose head is most attractive with well placed ears, large soulful eyes and dark pigmentation. Ideal balance of skull to muzzle and a gentle outlook. Perfect in size with eye catching outline of the correct proportions. Well developed with deep chest, firm body and correct angulation front and rear. All parts fitted together so well and she was able to move with ease. Particularly liked her going around where she displayed an ideal profile holding a firm topline and carrying her tail as an extension. Her heavy body markings are rich in colour and all that is required is some length to her coat to move into the major league. Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Mangham’s Charnavale Perfect Angel

Bodily, this ideally marked and richly coloured blenheim ran the winner close as she too had a good ribcage, satisfying angles and was correct for size and balance. She lost a little in head and expression, as I would have liked larger eyes and a softer outlook and darker pigment. Steady and accurate on the move, but without the style and fluency of the winner. But overall she had much to appreciate.

3rd Turnbull's Peakdowns Elle

Res. Rogerson's Rabymar Nancy Drew

VHC. Gow's Lyncraeg Marnie

Junior 10 (0)

1st Gaskell's Jeilohn Judy

A very elegant Tricolour of pleasing proportions. Most attractive head with soft gentle eyes, and rich tan face markings enhancing her expression. Correct in muzzle with neat lipline and perfect teeth. A reachy neck fits well to her well- placed shoulders and firm topline, Tailset was ok, but carriage a shade high at times. Positive and accurate on the move, holding a good profile. Her blanketed black coat was of good length and presented in superb gleaming condition. A great deal to be appreciated about her.

2nd Lovel's Lovetrac Boogie Wonderland

Delightful expression on this blenheim’s head of ideal proportions and of the highest quality. She had neat unexaggerated features, dark pigmentation and gentle eyes and outlook. Just enough neck to match her small frame. Good ribs and firm topline. Could be more positive in rear action and was perhaps a shade short in leg for perfect balance. Richly coloured coat presented in exemplary condition.

3rd Snook's Ellemich Daisy Daydream at Coralvalley. I called her back to the ring when she failed to walk initially. Well worth persisting with.

Res.Bell's Chistabella Only You

VHC.Fisk's Rebhann Ivanna-Tinkle

Yearling 6(1)

1st Hughes Loranka’s So Scrumptious

Perfect sized blenheim with pleasing overall conformation with correct angulation front and rear. Carrying some extra weight today. Soft gentle eyes and a generous expression with well feathered long ears. Good reach of neck and firm backline. Steady and accurate on the move with satisfying profile. Coat of soft texture presented in fine condition.

2nd Rhodes Calonlan Pretty In Pink

Blenheim with lozenge and well broken markings, but not as rich in colouring as winner. Pleasing skull and earset, large dark eyes. Neat lips but would like a shade more length to muzzle which would soften her expression. Nose pigment slightly off- colour Well bodied and adequate on the move.

3rd Fisk's Rebhann Mona-Lott

Res. Turner's Jorajo Queen Juno With Moniack

VHC. Jolly's Jorajo Beautiful Girl Venus

Maiden 5(1)

1st Rogerson’s Rabymar Vera

Ruby Puppy with much to like. Pleasing head type with good eyes and enough length and shape to her muzzle. Well- developed body with good angulation front and rear, but would like a shorter loin. Soft textured coat of good length and colouring and steady on the move. 9 months old with potential

2nd Richardson's Kringleholme Mosiac

Blenheim, unplaced in Puppy Class, who was correct for size with well broken markings, but no length of coat as yet. Pleasing head type with correct muzzle and clean lips. Large eyes and good pigment. Not so pleasing in construction and posture and would have liked better front and rear angulation resulting in more fluent movement.

3rd Barr's Rosabel Amber At Stronepoint

Res. Jolly's Jorajo Beautiful Girl Venus

Novice 5(1)

1st Gaskell's Jeilohn Rosie

Nicely proportioned Blenheim of good size with a pleasing head type, well set ears, dark eyes and dark pigment. Good skull to muzzle balance. Reachy neck and correct front and rear angles. Very well marked and rich in colouring. Displayed a very happy attitude and moved moved steadily and accurately in her class, but was perhaps distracted by the presence of her tri littermate in the challenge where her movement was less accomplished. Lots to like about her.

2nd R & E Waddington's Cranvarl Georgie Spindlepoint

Blenheim with a very appealing head type and attractive outlook. Her head at present appears too big for her body which is as yet quite underdeveloped and felt more substance is needed to firm up her frame. Would prefer better front angulation and less rounding over the croup. Not the coat and condition of winner.

3rd Turner's Jorajo Queen Juno With Moniack

Res. Jolly's Jorajo Beautiful Girl Venus

Graduate 6 (2)

1st Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Felicity

Blenheim of correct size and balanced in outline. Heavily marked but the colouring on her straight coat was rich and of good length and soft textured. Large dark eyes and well feathered ears with a clean and shapely muzzle gave her a soft expression and gentle outlook. Good in neck and angles and overall a very pleasing package. Needs more confidence to show her qualities to advantage, especially in a hall like this large high-roofed venue which I’ve seen inhibit a number of exhibits over the years

2nd Hughes Loranka's Beautiful Moments

Small neatly proportioned tricolour, with correct construction who was steady and accurate on the move. Heavily marked coat of good length and soft texture. Overall head shape was ok, but would like a softer expression and gentler eyes.

3rd Rhodes' Calonlan Pretty In Pink

Res. Lee's Calonlan Love Actually For Kelrick

Post Graduate 3(0)

1st White's Carleny Northern Light

This Black and Tan was the most pleasing for size and balance in this small class. Attractive head with correct earset and muzzle shape and dark pigment. Good size of eye but could be darker. Overall a soft and gentle outlook. I would have liked a bit more neck and better head carriage on the move. Strong hindquarters and plenty of coat of soft texture and condition.

2nd Anderson's Kinvaar Mona Lisa At Glenlora

Blenheim. A size or so bigger than my ideal and carrying a bit too much weight. Head type very pleasing with a soft and unexaggerated features. Nose pigment could be stronger and she showed too much white in one eye. Good neck and angles front and rear. Appeared rather lethargic which affected her movement.

3rd McCabe's Cavilera's Daisy Boe

Special Post Graduate (Wholecolour) 3(0)

1st Groundwater's Bonniemadra Dream Chaser

Black and Tan. Perfect for size and balanced in outline. Unexaggerated head type, with large round eyes and overall a satisfying gentle expression. Well coated with the appropriate tan markings rich in colour. Coat straight and long with soft texture in lovely condition. Steady and accurate on the move.

2nd Linton's Thekop's Cinderella

Another Black and Tan, just a puppy (4th) but already well grown. A pretty head with flattish skull and good ears. Moved OK. Has scope for development. Just at an in between stage with coat starting to come

3rd Barr's Rosabel Amber At Stronepoint

Special Post Graduate (Particolour) 7(2)

1st Turnbull's Peakdowns Mystic

Small blenheim, so well balanced in outline and accurate and efficient on the move. Tight in front, steady in rear and holding her profile and tail so well in profile. Good ribs, correct angles and well put together. Unexaggerated head features, with a tidy balanced muzzle and lips, just lacked the softness of expression I was seeking. Coat thick and rich in colouring, but lacking length on top and sides, although adequate feathering below.

2nd Bacon's Timbric Ultra Violet

Another Blenheim with good overall conformation and correct angulation front and rear. A size bigger than winner and her coat was a bit unruly. Head type acceptable, just heavier in foreface than I prefer. Moving well, particularly in profile where she holds her outline well and is keen and willing to please.

3rd Scott's Toscam McKayla

Res. Richardson's Kringleholme Seruna

VHC. Anderson's Kinvaar Mona Lisa At Glenlora

Limit 7(2)

1st Hughes Loranka's Rainbow Dreams

Exceedingly well broken markings plus a lozenge on this Blenheim of ideal size and proportions. Very satisfying head properties and a sweet and gentle expression. Round dark eyes, well placed ears of good length. Correct in size with neat body shape, good angulation and enough leg length. Carrying a little extra weight, but this was clouded by her soft and lustrous coat of good length and quality. Moved very steadily in her class to be a contender on the day, but was less willing to move with freedom in the challenge.

2nd Sidgwick's Salegreen Peony For Paulian JW

Again perfect well-distributed markings on this Blenheim who was a shade bigger than winner. She is so well put together, moving with freedom and accuracy and responding with enthusiasm to all that is asked of her. Standing presented a balanced outline. Her broad blazed skull coupled with her ears held low can appear rather rounded and for me her head and expression are a shade masculine.

3rd Groundwater's Bonniemadra Dream Chaser

Res. Gow's Grajenco Macchiato At Lyncreag

VHC Blair's Bellflow's Anastasia

Special Open (wholecolour) 2(0)

1st Spall & Clark's Llapsttams Killer Queen

This very feminine Black and Tan was shown in the peak of condition. Stunning head type with broad flat skull and well -placed long feathered ears. Large dark well-spaced and forward-facing eyes add gentleness to her expression. Skull to muzzle proportions ideal. Graceful neck set onto correct shoulders and firm back. Perhaps a tad long in loin, but her body was sufficiently bodied and coated to give her the overall balanced profile I sought. Good strong quarters and correctly set tail. Her coat of dark colouring with bright tan highlights was in presented in perfect condition, straight and long and soft to the touch. A steady and fluid mover, she gave her all today. A worthy CC winner in any company and my congratulations on winning Best In Show.

2nd Glen's Black Xenia V Cavino To Sandbrae (IMP NLD)

Another Black and Tan. Not quite so pleasing in head type, although her eyes are large and the muzzle shape is correct. Good size and solid in body. Perhaps a little overweight. Rising over the loin both standing and on the move. Coat of good length, but a bit harsher in texture to the touch.

Special Open (Resident in Scotland) 5(1)

1st McMurray's Cinderaic Are You For Me At Merryoth

Blenheim of correct size. Just not the profile on the move I was seeking and would have preferred less rounding over the croup. Front and rear angulation are correct and her body is firm and well-developed. Well broken markings of rich colouring. Could use her ears better to flatten her skull and give more fullness to her expression. Nose pigment a bit off-colour. Great personality and a happy showgirl. Coat shortish but of good colouring and texture

2nd Groundwater's Bonniemadra Dream Chaser

3rd Glen's Black Xenia V Cavino To Sandbrae

Res. Blair's Bellflows Anastasia

Open 3(0)

1st Lee's CH Calonlan Perfect Kiss For Kelrick JW ShCm

This well marked Blenheim was a size bigger than what I was looking for. Good earset and carriage gives the desired flatness to skull and muzzle shape is acceptable with good eye size and colour. An amiable expression. Enough neck with good angulation front and rear. Could be shorter in loin. More length of coat would add balance. Tailset could be better and today carriage was more than just above back level. She had a good attitude but in the challenge tended to lunge round the enlarged ring.

2nd Rix's Ricksbury Royal Tapestry

Another pretty Blenheim who scored in size and general construction. Presented a balanced outline and moved steadily and accurately. Well set ears and enough breadth of skull gave the correct flat appearance to her head. Shapely and unexaggerated facial features. Correct eyes. Nose pigment could be stronger. Coat whilst good in colouring just lacked any appreciable length.

3rd Lovel's Lovetrac Yumdiddly

More to my taste head wise, with expressive eyes and very pleasing outlook, but sadly her movement let her down.

Gordon Inglis (Judge)

Judge   Mr James W. Finlay(Marisk/Gilderoak)


I would like to thank the exhibitors for accepting me as the replacement judge today. Our thoughts must be with Mrs Jenny MacAlpine who had to pull out of the appointment earlier in the week after her husband had a serious accident at home. Many thanks to my steward Elizabeth Cochrane for keeping everything in order in the ring and to the Committee for the invitation to judge today.

Having been involved in this breed for over 30 years, I have seen many changes and not all to the good of the breed. The large dark eyes that give the desired soft expression are certainly in the minority. Movement left a lot to be desired in some very nice exhibits, too many lacked muscle tone, it is a toy breed but no excuse for this. I was also amazed at the amount of bad mouths throughout the entry and one or two dirty exhibits, this is really unacceptable.

Veteran (4.1abs)

1. Baillie’s Selkies Heavenly Prince at Fyrnrose JW. I have long admired this blen now at 8 years is still shown in super condition in coat and muscle tone. Love his body shape with ex ribcage and depth of chest, sound and elegant on the move. Best Veteran In Show.

2. Fraser’s Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg. At 10 ½ this ruby was enjoying his day out, pleasing in head and expression. Sound throughout, couldn’t match 1 today on the move.

3.Ross’s Cavilera Ron De Oro.

Minor Puppy (8.1abs)

1. Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Haiden. A very nice blen puppy that I liked a lot. Soft expression, dark eye, lovely shape and size, level topline which he kept on the move, very promising puppy still a baby but all the essentials are there.

2. Hughes Loranka’s Believe in Dreams. Another very promising youngster again very much a baby and still to come together on the move. Love his make and shape that we have come to expect from this exhibitor.

3. Rogerson & Evans Svena Witch Hunt.

Puppy (4).

1. Smith’s Beaudale Here We Go Again. I really fell for this ruby puppy, lovely rich colour, presented in first class condition. Lovely head shape, ex dark eyes giving a soft expression, beautifully constructed with a well shaped body. Loved his movement and overall carriage. Should have a promising future. Best Dog Puppy

2. Spall & Clark’s Lovetrac Shelby at Llapsttam. Blen puppy who wasn’t as settled as 1 on the move. Lovely head and expression, short coupled, ex ribcage, good front and hind angulation.

3. Hughes Loranka’s Imagine.

Junior (5). A lovely class very little between the first three.

1. Lovel’s Pascavale Hudson at Lovetrac. This blen took my eye the minute he entered the ring. Super dog to go over on the table, lovely large dark eyes, well proportioned head with excellent nose pigmentation, ex body shape and size, moved with drive around the ring using his hocks. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Just loved him. Res CC. I’m sure we will hear a lot more of him in the future.

2. Crane’s Cranvarl Washington JW. I liked this blen very much and was close up to 1, nicely balanced head, good eye shape and colour. Ex ribcage and depth of chest. Presentation ex. Moved extremely well around the ring.

3. Campbell’s Kinvaar Cloud Burst Over Avaleric.

Yearling (3).

1. Bayliss’s Castlewytch Red Admiral. Really upstanding blen dog who I shortlisted to my last four, built on very clean cut lines, ex reach of neck, nice head, large expressive eyes with ex pigment. Love his body shape, was more settled in the challenge than the class.

2. Hindle’s Spindlepoint Donovan with Ellisiani. Larger blen all round compared with 1. Masculine head, good front and hind assembly well constructed body,

3. Campbell’s Toraylac Here’s Hector with Avaleric.

Maiden (3).

1. Smith’s Beaudale Storm In A Teacup. A very shapely b/t puppy I just loved. Very good head type just right for his age, like his kennel mate a super body shape which he holds on the move, handles well on the table and moved accordingly. On another day could have beaten his kennel mate for best puppy dog.

2. Hughes Loranka’s Believe in Dreams.

3. Lee’s Kelrick’s Stars Come Out.

Novice (3).

1. Campbell’s Kinvaar’s Cloudburst over Avaleric. 3rd in the strong Junior class, love the shape and size of this Blen. Masculine head but with the desired soft expression, ex body shape with good depth of chest, coat presentation ex soft and silky, moved around the ring with drive, today just carried his tail slightly high.

2. Nichol’s Chatismere Choir Boy. Masculine headed blen lovely body shape, bone and substance, shown in good coat and condition.

Graduate (2)

1. Hughes’s Granasil Lovelace Loranka. A very exuberant ruby that definitely requires time to settle. Nice make, shape, sunstance and bone. Masculine head and eye still to fully mature. Well balanced body and correct hind angulation. When he settles he can move soundly around the ring.

2. Slack’s Willowheart Louis. A well presented blen dog shown in good coat, pleasing head with desired soft expression, not the substance compared with 1 and not as sound on the move today.

Post Grad (6.1abs)

1. Kynaston’s Granasil Vontrap. Very eye catching b/t shown in super coat and condition, coat just gleamed. Masculine head with lovey dark expressive eyes, pleasing neck and shoulders, ex ribcage, ex bone and substance, moved with drive and at one with handler at all time.

2. Fraser’s Lewis’s Leonardo. Another very nice b/t different type to 1. He presents a very nice balanced picture standing which he holds on the move. Ex ribcage, depth of chest shown in ex coat and condition.

3. Whites’s Carleny Diamond Button.

Special Post Grad (Wholecolour) (4)

1. Kynaston’s Granasil Golden Nugget. A ruby who grows on you the more you look at him, very good headshape and expression, lovely eyes, rich ruby coat, balanced shape and ex on the move.

2. Fraser’s Lewis’s Leonardo.

3. Caldwell’s Kathysgirls Jaguar.

Special Post Grad (Parti Colour) (7.2abs)

1. Hughes Lorankas Glory Days. Handsome blen, lovely type, masculine head with the darkest of eyes and soft expression, well constructed, ex body shape with depth of chest and ribcage. Moved true at all times.

2. Lee’s Kelrick Flapjack JW. A smart tri, nice head with good earset, well constructed giving a balanced picture standing which he held on the move.

3. Slack’s Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash at Everbabes.

Limit (7.2abs) Not the strongest of classes.

1. Bell’s Christabella Picasso. Blen of ex type, masculine head. Lovely soft expressive expression, good neck and shoulders, well made body, lovely front and hind angulation, sound mover. Shown in lovely coat and condition.

2. Nichol’s Chantismere Chamberlin. Smaller made blen compared with 1 but couldn’t match 1 on the move. Soundly constructed, lovely head and expression, well bodied, good bone and substance.

3. Fraser’s Tingewood Tam O’Shanter.

Special Open Dog (Wholecolour) (1)

1. Fraser’s Tingewood Tam O’Shanter. 3rd in limit, much to like about this ruby, he’s soundly made all through and presents a balanced picture standing and on the move. He never lets the owner down as he is on his toes all the time, such a shame he damaged his eye when he was a youngster. Shown in good coat and condition.

Special Open Dog (Resident in Scotland) (5.1abs)

1. McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth. Very smart blen of ideal size in ex flowing coat. Soundly constructed, good bone, level topline, well let down hocks, appealing head, large dark eyes, good pigment, stylish free mover. In my last four for CC.

2. Fraser’s Tingewood Tomintoul. 9 yr ruby that was over shadowed today by 1. Another from this exh that loves showing, tail never stops, he is a credit to the owner as he is so sound on the move, overall a good sound honest dog.

3. Blair’s Bellflows Gentle Little Man CJW.

Open (4) A hair splitting class four lovely dogs present.

1. O’Brian’s Ch Valentyne The Irish Tennor. I have admired this dog from the ringside and found him a pleasure to go over. He is a true toy spaniel. Blen with large dark lustrous eyes, correct head shape framed by well placed ears. Everything fits together so well from his glorious head carried proudly on a lovely crested neck, his super bodyshape to the tip of his correctly carried tail and short hocks. Add to this a silky textured coat with the right amount of feathering. At times the handler does have to work hard as he loses interest but he comes into his own on the move where he covers the ground with ease. Pleased to award him the CC and then see him go Res BIS.

2. Rix’s Ricksbury Poldark. A young dog who I have judged before and is maturing nicely, didn’t have his mind on the job today so had to pay the penalty. Here is a dog that will last in the ring, gave away a bit on maturity compared with 1. Blen of ideal size, coat presentation as always ex, soundly constructed, ex bone, level topline, well let down hocks, masculine head with lovely dark eyes giving the true cavalier expression. I’m sure will get his third CC very soon.

3. Levy& Sedgwick’s Pascavale Gino.

Judge: Mr James W. Finlay.