Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club





Your membership for 2015 is now due



single membership £8.00  

Joint Membership £10.00

Junior £3.00

Overseas Member £12.00

 This is just a reminder for member, who pay their subscription by standing order.

 If you have not already updated your standing order could you try and do it as soon as possible please.

 After the 31st March, members paying by cheque etc. are required to pay

an administration fee of £2.00 

Associate Membership


Associate Membership: £8.00 + Admin Fee of £2   (£10)

Joint Associate Membership: £10.00 Admin Fee of + £2  (£12)

Overseas Associate Membership £12.00  Admin Fee of+ £2  (£14)

Junior Associate Membership: £3.00 *to age 16 (please state date of birth) + Admin Fee of 50p (£3.50)

This £2.00 fee would be incurred annually over two years by an Associate Member.

  Payment received after the 31st March, by Members and Associate Members, are required to pay

an administration fee of £2.00 

Thank you

Payment for your membership should be made payable to SCKCS Club. 

Treasurer:- Mrs E Gaskell  South lodge, Melville Castle, Lasswade, Midlothian, EH18 1AW 

tel. 013106601594