Paintings Donated by Mr Ken Town to the Scottish Cavalier Club

                               IMG_3741  This is the beaded Victorian picture 72 x 60 cms which is original and probably valuable.

 IMG_3751  This is a copy of Samuel Spode's "Tricolour King Charles Spaniel in a Landscape" 1835, oil on canvas (57 x 47 cms)


IMG_3739  This is a copy of an a ? 

19th century painting - sorry I couldn't find who by. 

 It is 61cm x 49.5 cms.  

The frame is slightly damaged. 


 IMG_3752 Painted copy of George Stubb's "A Liver and White King Charles Spaniel in a Woodland Landscape" 1776  71.5 x 60 cms




^.MG_3757  Framed print of Egyptian temple at Philae.     43 x 36 cms